An update from the London Division

Ballot for Industrial Action

From 24th September 2019 you will be receiving an industrial action ballot paper asking you to vote yes for industrial action.


This communication is designed to provide you

with the reasons why there is no other choice but

to fight to protect your terms and conditions and to vote yes.


What is the dispute about?

The new Chief Executive, Rico Back, has clearly

decided that the way forward for Royal Mail is to

have a cheaper more flexible workforce.


This is why Royal Mail, under Rico Back’s leadership, has developed a strategy which is designed to marginalise the CWU in order to create a cheaper more flexible employment model.


What is Royal Mail’s strategy?

 Royal Mail want to review the legal guarantees which the CWU secured when Royal Mail was privatised. This means they want to review, and possibly change, the legal guarantees which stopped Royal Mail from outsourcing, franchising, breaking up thecompany, creating a two-tier workforce as well as stopping Royal Mail from recruiting zero-hour contracts.


 Royal Mail have also chosen to set up a separate profit and loss Parcelforce company which will require all Parcelforce staff to be TUPE over to the new company. If they get away with this then they could do the same with processing, distribution, collections, delivery, logistics, 

RDCs or International. It is important that members understand TUPE only protects terms and conditions for a year.


 Royal Mail want to separate larger parcels and stop them being processed in 37 mail centres and RDCs and 1,000 delivery offices.


 Royal Mail want to deliver the larger parcels in circa 300 LAT units. They would be delivered later in the day, up to 19:00. The plan Royal Mail want is that one walk in every six would become the late driver and the remaining five walks would absorb the duty which has moved to the late parcel driver.


 Royal Mail want to use PDA actuals to  resource and also as a revision tool even though they know it does not give a true reflection of an OPG’s duty.


 Additionally, Royal Mail want to introduce a system called resource scheduler which produces different duty sets for an officedepending on traffic variations and linked to PDA’s actual. This is a complete game changer.


 Royal Mail want to introduce automated hours data capture (automated signing in and out) and link it to what you are paid.


 Royal Mail want to cut 20,000 jobs.


 Royal Mail are not saying they will support the continuation of the USO (universal service obligation) when Ofcom reviews it next year. This possibly means the USO being cut to a five day service, and resulting in the loss of 20,000 jobs.


 Royal Mail are refusing to honour the commitment to a further hour off the working week in October. This refusal also stops part timers from achieving a 2.6% increase in pay. Instead Royal Mail wantunrealistic budgeting savings.


 Royal Mail’s unacceptable management actions are creating flash points in too many offices in the UK. It is essential we have a resolution to poor culture in the workplace.
 Royal Mail want 30-minute flexibility 6 days per week on start and finish times.


So what happens next?

 Royal Mail and the CWU are due to attempt to resolve these fundamental differences via external mediation later this month.
 All CWU members in Royal Mail/Parcelforce will be balloted forindustrial action from 24 September 2019

and the close of the ballot will be 15 October 2019.


What do I need to do as a member?

 As a CWU member it is vital that you cast your vote in the industrial action ballot.


 The Conservative Government in 2017 introduced new anti-trade union employment which stipulates that an industrial action ballot has to achieve at least 50% or over for it to be valid. This is why it is so important you vote in this industrial action ballot.


Why should I support the CWU?

The CWU have over many years not only defended members terms and conditions but also won significant new benefits for the members.


These benefits include:

Basic pensionable pay

London Weighting pay ranges

RRIS payments

Paid holidays

Paid meal reliefs

Shift allowances which are pensionable

5 day or less working

Sick pay

Christmas bonus


All of the above is because previous union

members have taken industrial action to achieve.


The CWU members have also stopped over many

years Royal Mail’s proposals on:

Monthly pay

Reducing sick leave

Cutting shift allowances

Introducing delivery duties from 09:00 in the

morning to 17:00 in the late afternoon

Introducing team working

Removing seniority

Removing MTSF


Only by voting yes will the CWU be in a strong

position to defend members terms and conditions.


Unless we get a massive yes vote then Royal Mail

will attack our hard-fought terms and conditions.


Vote Yes



Rise Up


Defend Your Future




Use Your Vote


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