Facebook Live with the DGSP 3rd September at 6pm


Firstly, as previously advertised we have a Facebook Live with the DGSP tomorrow evening at 6pm. You do not need a FB account to view this, if you do not have one. Simply visit http://www.facebook.com/thecommunicationsunion<http://www.facebook.com/thecommunicationsunion> once the event commences.

As we move into the next phase of the campaign, we are stepping things up and we have two dates for your diary with graphics attached.

1. The Biggest Trade Union Meeting Ever

Monday 9th September at 7pm we will host a Facebook Live session with the GS and DGSP. We will heavily advertise this session and use it as a platform to fire up our reps and members to get back into the workplaces and deliver the vote. Please join the session and encourage as many of your colleagues as possible to do the same.

1. National Gate Meeting Day

We have seen some brilliant gate meetings to far but on Tuesday 10th September we have called ‘National Gate Meeting Day’. On this day we want to see every single office in the UK hold a members meeting. This was a massive success in the 2017 dispute and we are aiming to better it this time.

In addition to the social media graphic (attached), we will be producing workplace posters tomorrow to assist with the publication of this day. It is absolutely critical that every single rep, at all levels of the union, attends a meeting on this day.

By way of leading by example the GS and DGSP will be addressing members at Brighton DO (this will be streamed live on our Facebook page) and the SDGS and President will also speak at members meetings in the BN postcode area – alongside our work at TUC Congress.


These two events next week are a pivotal part of our campaign as we once again try to combine the best of our traditional and innovative campaigning methods. Please do everything you can to publicise and support both.

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