BT Hybrid Pension – One Month to Decide – Deadline 30 September

BT Hybrid Pension – One Month to Decide – Deadline 30th September

 The BT Hybrid Pension Scheme (BTHS) has been open since April. Those eligible now only have only until 30th September to decide whether or not to join.

 To help draw attention to this deadline the CWU has today:

  • Emailed and texted all those members we believe were previously a member of Section B or C of the BT Pension Scheme. A copy is attached below.
  • Launched a new CWU podcast via social media

Eligible members have to make an individual decision about whether to join before the end of September. This is an important decision that could have wide ranging implications.

 Those eligible to join are strongly advised to:

  •  Listen to a webinar provided by Wealth at Work.
  •  Take part in a 1-2-1 session provided by Wealth at Work in work time.

Member Queries and Financial Advice

Members who have questions about the BTHS should contact Wealth at Work in the first instance. Wealth at Work can be contacted via 0800 083 5056, or or

The CWU is legally prohibited from giving financial advice. If members are unsure which pension option to take then they are strongly advised to take independent financial advice.

All CWU members are entitled to a no obligation initial financial consultation with Lighthouse Financial Advice. Further information on this option is available on the CWU website at . Please note that sign in to the CWU site is required to access details.

Yours sincerely


Nigel Cotgrove

Assistant Secretary

LTB 522.2019

LTB 522.2019 Attachment 1



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