BT Fleet transfer to Aurelius delay

BT Fleet transfer to Aurelius delay

BT have today announced a delay of a month in the transfer of BT Fleet Solutions to Aurelius. The transfer was due to happen on September 1st 2019 but will now happen on October 1st 2019.

The attached document has been sent to all BT Fleet Solutions staff by Henry Brace MD and details the change of date.

It is of little surprise to the CWU that the timescale set for the transfer of the business has had to change. It was always our view that the timescale was too tight. The separation of Fleet Solutions from BT, a company that has been part of BT for decades was always likely to be fraught with challenges – particularly as BT are working to extremely tight timescales.

The change of date is welcomed in many respects as it now allows members in Fleet Solutions, who have been shocked at the sale to have some time to reflect on the decision and raise concerns to their branches, before the handover to the new owners on 1st October.

Branches are asked to make full use of this delay to contact their Fleet Solutions members and identify any ongoing concerns.

I also attach a web story for your information.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Kerr – Deputy General Secretary

Brendan O’Brien – (T&FS) Assistant Secretary

LTB 513.2019

Update on the purchase of Fleet Solutions

Delay of disputed BT Fleet sale webstory

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