National Briefing report from Newcastle CWU

Thanks to Newcastle CWU for the following report. I urge you to read it

For all Royal Mail members, a ballot time table has been announced for a National Industrial Action Ballot!

You will hear plenty from the CWU over the coming weeks but just thought I would put something out myself to really drive home how important this coming National Dispute is.

We have had a number of CEO’s and Chairmen in my time in RM all of which have come in and tried to stamp their authority on the company, our members and the CWU as a trade union, all have been unsuccessful and everyone of them have understood that working with us is better than working against us. Moyà Green most recently went as far as enshrining some of our protections into legally binding agreements.

We now have a new CEO in Rico Back who is starting his tenure in the same manner, except this time it’s different, he is the first to do so during a full privatised company, with share holders to satisfy (him being a holder of a significant amount of shares), a regulator prepared to help and an Ego big enough to think that he has a chance of succeeding.

Rico has already shown his contempt for us and our national representatives by “leaking” a five year plan with a parcel strategy that would, if implemented as he intends rip thousands of jobs from this company and he has now pushed ahead with the separation of parcel force to a newly launched PLC and is wanting to bring forward the review of our legal protections contained within the four pillars national agreement.

Make no bones about it, this man intends to wreak havocs on this company to line his own pockets and those of all of the other share holders currently stripping this company for all they can carry!

So what does this mean for us..?

A parcel strategy which strips jobs from delivery units and Mail Centres, some of you on here have, like me been through Mail Centre closures and no first hand the impact this has had and the amount of good people that left this business, do you really want to go through this again??

Splitting Parcel Force to a separate PLC, if it happens once it’ll happen again before we know it we will have Logistics PLC, Distribution PLC, Processing PLC and Deliveries PLC.. All potentially owned by different people….. Divide and conquer is the aim of this game, you’ve only got to look at BT with the split to Openreach to see how that works in a fully privatised company!

A review of the legally binding protections within the Four Pillars agreement, we’ll that’s quite clear, he wants to rip up that agreement and attack our terms and conditions so he can’t strip them away again to line his and his share holders pockets!

The above is just what’s happening at the moment, can you imagine what his end game is, without the CWU to protect you???

This is where we come in. During the last dispute we returned a massive yes vote as well as a huge vote return, this time we need to deliver a higher return and a higher YES vote but we also need to be ready to back up that vote with action, action to protect this company, action to protect the USO, action to protect the CWU and action to protect US!! Our jobs, Our Livelihoods, Our Futures ….

I for one will not stand by and allow Rico Back to think he can try to take what is mine without a fight and I suggest that we all do the same in standing together and standing against Rico and telling him


Ballot timetable

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