I am pleased to advise Branches that the CWU, UNITE and Prism, (the Post Office LGBTQ+ advisory group), worked together to develop and agree a new Transgender Equality Policy and a Transgender Guidance for Managers and Employees. This is the first Transgender Policy being implemented in the Post Office.

The new policy is designed to ensure any member that is in the process of transitioning, or has transitioned, is supported and treated with dignity and respect. The aim is to increase consciousness of gender identity issues so that no current or prospective employees are subjected to discrimination or victimisation as a result of them being transgender.

To raise awareness of the policy and associated guidelines the Post Office, CWU and UNITE has issued the following Joint Statement:

Post Office Prism Group (PO LGBT+ Group), CWU and UNITE have worked together collaboratively to develop a set of transgender resources for employees to help support transgender people, managers and co-workers to feel more comfortable in the workplace. Stonewall, the charity for LGBT rights, also assisted in an advisory capacity.

The Post Office is fully committed to Diversity and Inclusion.   Respecting our transgender employees is important as they are a valued part of the team. We hope with the new guidelines and support every employee feels even more safe, valued and able to succeed based on their skills and contributions.

We have jointly developed a Post Office policy dedicated to transgender equality. The aim of the policy is to:

    • Support and sustain a positive working environment for any employee that is in the process of transitioning, or has transitioned. The policy also applies to a broad range of people whose gender identity is not expressed in ways that are typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. This includes those who have non-binary, non-gender or gender-fluid identities. 
    • To increase employees’ awareness of gender identity issues so that no current or prospective employees are subjected to discrimination or victimisation as a result of them being transgender. 

The resources developed include best practice guidance for transgender employees, managers, co-workers and HR professionals. It also provides advice on using people’s preferred names and pronouns, accessibility to restrooms, dress code, employee privacy, transitioning and much more.

All parties are committed to equality of opportunity for transgender people and believe it is important to provide a culture of inclusion and diversity in which employees feel free to disclose their gender status should they wish to do so. We want employees to feel comfortable being their “whole selves” at work.

We are also all committed to working together to ensure that the Post Office is a place that does not accept any form of discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the basis of a person’s gender identity, gender expression or transgender status.

Finally, I would particularly like to thank Lynn Simpson, Postal Executive Member and Fevzi Hussein, Policy Advisor – Equality Department, both of whom have supported this development and have had significant input in ensuring the Transgender Equality Policy is in line with current legislation and crucially with our values.

If you have any questions in relation to this LTB, please contact Lea Sheridan –

Yours sincerely


Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

19LTB503 – Post Office – New Transgender Equality Policy


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