RM TV next possible WTLL session.(Propaganda)

RM TV next possible WTLL session. Looks like they’re adapting a different approach. More of a nicely, nicely let’s work together one. Read between the lines, the message is the same, you need to work harder for less for our shareholders. As they say in the video “Our shareholders are feeling the pain, they are getting less for their investment” You earned your next hour for the shorter working week you should get this October but Royal Mail want to move the goalposts and don’t want to give it to you. Don’t be fooled by their propaganda TV. There is a CWU National Briefing this Thursday in Liverpool and a full report will be sent out to you our members. 👊🏻👍🏻 Rise Up!

Royal Mail’s latest video likely to be shown in WTLL this week. Their focus is on efficiency and change which undoubtedly means working harder for us all. The trials they wanted have failed and are reliant on our members to make things work. National briefings are taking place this week and more information will be available from there. There is no doubt we need to prepare for dispute and hope we don’t need to use it. https://www.myroyalmail.com/rmtv/rmtv-19-august-cwu-discussions

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