Royal Mail One Plan (Resource Optimisation Project)

Royal Mail One Plan (Resource Optimisation Project)

Dear Colleagues,

As a result of a number of recent enquiries into the Outdoor Department, this Letter to Branches has been published to provide Branches and Representatives with clarification on the CWU’s position in relation to “One Plan”, which is also referred to by Royal Mail currently as “Resource Optimisation Project”.

One Plan is not a new initiative, indeed it first surfaced some time ago in 2016, it was at this time when World Class Mail came to an end that some managerial resource was diverted and channeled into One Plan. This Royal Mail initiative was developed totally without any CWU involvement or agreement, and whilst discussions were held with Royal Mail at that time by the Department, Royal Mail advised the Union that this is a management initiative and as such they did not see any need to seek CWU concession or involvement into its roll out.

Whilst activity on One Plan has been sporadic over recent years, Royal Mail have recently advised the Department that they will be re-engaging in a new phase of activity on One Plan (or Resource Optimisation Project), which will seemingly concentrate on those delivery units which the company describe as lower efficiency units. According to Royal Mail, “this is in order to understand the gap in productivity whilst supporting better standardisation to the use of agreed tools so that they can better align hours to workload and understand why there are gaps.” 

The CWU has never supported or seen the need to actively participate in One Plan, which is more about a management compliance initiative linked to the Royal Mail management mantra of ‘continuous improvement’, to which there are no National agreements with the CWU within the Delivery function.

The CWU position towards One Plan (or Resource Optimisation Project) therefore has been, and remains that this is an unagreed initiative, accordingly any issues, outputs or proposals presented to CWU Local Representatives resulting from these activities should be dealt with fully in line with our National Agreements, including the IR Framework where necessary.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department, reference 230.03, email address:

Yours sincerely,


Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 489.19 – Royal Mail One Plan (Resource Optimisation Project)


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