BT Sell-off of BT Fleet Solutions Ltd – Branch Forum 

BT Sell-off of BT Fleet Solutions Ltd – Branch Forum 

Since BT’s announcement on Monday 5th August that they had sold BT Fleet Solutions to Aurelius we have been making strong representations to the company. We have made it absolutely clear that the CWU does not support this sale and that they have totally disregarded their loyal and dedicated BT Fleet Solutions employees some of whom have given decades of service to the company.

This sale did not need to happen – BT Fleet is a profitable company which although we all agree it will need further investment now and in the future – that investment could have been found elsewhere. The BT Board took from their perspective the easiest route – for example, rather than cutting the dividend to fund investment they decided to dispense with circa. 950 loyal employees. This is a disgrace and those responsible should be ashamed as their decision has caused considerable stress and anguish to our members.

Despite our anger which I can assure you has been made absolutely clear to BT, we have sought to secure an agreement with the company in four key areas:

  • A guarantee that all current contractual terms are transferred to the new company
  • Confirmation of what non-contractual terms transfer and agree where possible transition arrangement for those that are not able to transfer e.g. Broadband and BT Vision
  • An agreement on pension arrangements for all employees whether they are members of the BTRSS, BT Hybrid Scheme or Section A members of the BTPS.
  • A full CWU recognition agreement with the new company which will ensure that we have collective negotiating rights for all of the above including future pay, terms and conditions and representation in the workplace.

We will be meeting with the company on Wednesday 14th August with the intention of resolving all of the above issues.

In order to fully update branches we are holding a BT Branch Forum on Thursday 15th August 2019from 12.00 until no later than 15.00 in order that we can report on progress made and we would urge all branches to send a representative especially those with BT Fleet members. The Branch Forum will be held in CWU Head Office, Conference Rooms 1 and 2.

We have also sent a further communications direct to all BT Fleet Solutions members which I have attached for information.


Yours sincerely


Andy Kerr                                                                                         Brendan O’Brien

Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)                                           Assistant Secretary (T&FS)



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