Update from Martin Walsh

Important Update to London Members

Dear All

We were called to a Joint PEC/ Divisional Reps meeting yesterday at CWU HQS.

We were given the following update

The officers seemed shocked that within the last week that all the following senior Directors have gone :

Steve Cameron

Anton Harding

Ian Jones

Ewan Mcmurdo

It would seem that Reco has decided to remove anyone who was involved in the Four Pillars Negotiations and subsequent agreement.

These have been replaced with either Directors from other companies or those who previously worked in continuous improvement projects.

It is clear the direction of the company is heading .

Terry Pullinger reported that Royal Mail were saying that some areas and offices were not holding the line on the shorter working week and were agreeing revisions. This was weakening the unions negotiating position.

Terry also reported that the company had written to the CWU asking to commence the review into the legal guarantees and that there is a belief that they will try and reduce some of those legal guarantees.

In addition we were told that Royal Mail wanted to set up a different profit and loss company for Parcelforce with staff possibly being TUPE over to a new company.

This is in our opinion the breaking of the legal guarantees which was that they could not break up the company.

In addition it was reported that Royal Mail believe that they could save thousands of hours and overtime if the union agreed to PDA actuals being used for resourcing revisions, AHDC being used for time recording and linked to pay and Resource Scheduler for clarifying how many duties you need on a weekly / monthly or seasonal basis.

Anyone who thinks the above is good and yes there are some , should also realise that Royal Mail want the CWU to sign up to continuous improvement on efficiency and resourcing.

The CWU and Royal Mail are in the process of agreeing the external mediator to review the differences between the Company and Royal Mail and has to be done before the union can ballot for strike action.

There is a meeting between Royal Mail and the CWU on Thursday but the CWU are not hopeful of much progress as some of Royal Mail’s chief negotiators have now been replaced.

It is clear that Reco Back and Achim Dunwald have decided that they are not interested in the key principles of the Four Pillars Agreement and want to introduce their 5 year strategy on the workforce without agreement.

It is therefore clear that we are likely to be heading for an industrial dispute in the Autumn 2019.

Let’s get the members ready , let’s get the membership addresses correct.

But most importantly let’s tell Reco your not running a non unionised GLS now !

Your dealing with the CWU who have had more National disputes in the last 25 years than any other union and has gained significant achievements in all of them.

The CWU must now rise up and say enough is enough! Either you negotiate on the following :

Parcel strategy

Stoping Real time recording

Improving culture n the workplace

Extending the Legal guarantees

Agreeing the Shorter working week

Or we will show that we can get 89% of our members to vote yes again to defend their jobs and futures !

A message from the London Divisional Committee

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