The CWU is aware of a number of pay issues with this month’s salaries which has affected our members that work for CBRE.

Following representation we have received the following report from CBRE.

  • Emergency Tax – It appears that colleagues have been put onto an emergency tax code by HMRC.  CBRE have stated the following

. …both BTFS and CBRE submitted the correct documentation, at the correct time, to the HMRC. But, in some cases, the way that this information has been processed by the HMRC has caused a misalignment of dates on the records that has resulted in colleagues appearing as a starter at CBRE prior to them being a leaver from BTFS, which would make CBRE looking like a second employer; hence the basic rate / emergency tax codes. Tax code changes from the HRMC are compulsory and automatically imported in to the payroll as per HMRC regulations.

I can also confirm that CBRE have not changed their name to Norland Managed Services as some of you may have been informed by HMRC, this actually a previous name for CBRE and in light of this feedback payroll are working with HMRC to make sure that HMRC advisor information is correctly updated to reflect this.

What you need to do

…it’s really important that you check your payslip (see the A-Z guide for information on how to do this) and if you believe that you have had an incorrect change of your tax code this month you will need to contact the HMRC Employees helpline on 0300 200 3300. Opening times are Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm; Saturday: 8am to 4pm; Sunday: 9am to 5pm and closed bank holidays.

 Only you can do this as your tax code is personal to you and the HMRC will only discuss this with you. Have your National Insurance number with you when you phone and quote CBRE PAYE Reference – 846/R108. They will have notes on file regarding this situation and will be able to deal with your query very quickly and efficiently to make the necessary changes to rectify this for next month.

  • Overtime Payments – It has been reported that a number of members have not been paid overtime that is owed.  CBRE are advising to email or call 020 7871 9100 and ask for Payroll to discuss these on an individual basis.

If unable to resolve then this will need to be escalated via the Branch to my office.

  • Broadband Compensation  – A number of reports have indicated that compensation has not been processed in the May salaries. CBRE have stated that  everyone has received 2 months payments (April and May).  This is shown on the payslip split over the Gross pay and Adjustments.  It has been confirmed that all those eligible have received the £80 or £60 accordingly.

The CWU fully appreciates that this has caused a great deal of concern and that there may be individuals that are seriously financially impacted as a result of these pay anomalies.  CBRE have stated that they are currently reviewing options on how they can support colleagues in this situation.  The CWU will continue to press CBRE as a matter of urgency to do everything they can to assist people that require financial support.

We will update branches again as soon as further information becomes available.

Any queries should be addressed to Sally Bridge

Yours sincerely


Sally Bridge

National Officer

LTB 313.2019

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