Royal Mail Group June 2019, Road Safety Campaign, Launch W/C 3 June 2019 – “Seat Belts”

Royal Mail Group June 2019, Road Safety Campaign, Launch W/C 3 June 2019 – “Seat Belts”

It’s compulsory to wear a seat belt at all times when driving a Royal Mail vehicle. The law and Royal Mail Policy applies to drivers and passengers who must wear their seat belts.

Seatbelts can help to save lives. They are important safety features that, like air bags, help to protect a driver or passenger in a collision and minimise injuries. Those who do not wear their seatbelts while in a vehicle put themselves at greater risk of severe injury or even death. It is also a legal requirement and has been since 1983. Royal Mail Vehicle Drivers are NOT exempt!

Seat belts are designed to retain people in their seats, and so prevent or reduce injuries suffered in a crash. They ensure that as little contact is made between the occupant and vehicle interior as possible and significantly reduce the risk of being thrown from a vehicle.

Seat belts are designed to work as the key part of wider injury prevention measures and safety systems, such as airbags and head restraints, which will not be as effective in reducing the risk of injury if an occupant is not wearing a seat belt.

Seatbelts are reported to save over 2,000 lives per year. In the event of a serious collision, you are twice as likely to die if you are not wearing a seatbelt.

Worryingly, Royal Mail drivers and passengers are increasingly being found to not be wearing a seatbelt and are in breach of the law.  During observations of drivers last year, 669 drivers or passengers were observed not wearing a seatbelt; an increase of 54% on the previous year.


  • Drivers and front seat passengers must wear a seat belt – it only takes 5 seconds to belt up.
  • All drivers must wear their seat belts all the time to comply with Royal Mail’s standard so if you are moving belt up.
  • The fixed penalty for failing to wear a seat belt as a driver or passenger is a £100 fine.
  • If the case is taken to court, you could face a fine of up to £500.
  • A number of Royal Mail drivers have been fined for not wearing their seat belt.

Wearing a seat belt correctly:

  • In order to wear a seat belt safely, the following points should be adhered to:
  • The belt should be worn as tight as possible, with no slack.
  • The lap belt should go over the pelvic region, not the stomach.
  • The diagonal strap should rest over the shoulder, not the neck.
  • Nothing should obstruct the smooth movement of the belt by trapping it.

Damaged seat belts:

  • Seat belts should be regularly checked for damage, this forms part of the driver’s vehicle checks. Common forms of damage to the seat belt that will reduce its effectiveness in an accident:
  • Fraying or fluffing around the edges of the seat belt.
  • A cut which causes the fabric to split.
  • A hole in the seat belt.
  • Damage to the buckle.
  • Report any faults found during vehicle checks before using the vehicle.

Managers’ responsibilities:

Managers must carry out driving and yard checks to reinforce positive safe behaviours through coaching. During this campaign they should concentrate vehicle checks on drivers and check they are wearing their seat belts.

If the vehicle is moving, belt up!

All drivers must wear their seatbelt at all times whenever driving or travelling for Royal Mail Group (Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide, RMSS, RMP&FS, RMG Fleet etc.).  There are no exceptions regardless of whether they are in the yard, reversing, on private and public roads/property, or travelling only short distances. If the vehicle is moving, belt up!

Film, Poster & WTLL:

There is a film to be shown to drivers to reinforce the consequences of failing to wear a seat belt. A poster (see attached) will be displayed (sent out to all offices on 16 May 2018) and a WTLL will be delivered (copy attached). An RMTV session will also run during the campaign.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Campaign is not tied to just one week and we want the focus on the campaign to be sustainable so ASRs, SHE Team and Operational Managers can focus on the issue and programme, the WTLL and Poster distribution with best effect to most suitable local timetables and arrangements – followed up and kept in focus regularly.

Royal Mail and the CWU agree that the safety of the workforce is paramount. Vehicle and driver safety, road risk, avoiding accidents and injuries are top priorities for us all.

Please support this Road Safety Campaign – Would ASRs and WSRs pro-actively engage the SHE Team and Operational Managers to get involved and lift the profile of the Campaign in line with the RMG/CWU Joint Agreements and Joint Statements on Health and Safety. Thanks for your support.

Any Management enquiries should be directed to Olesha Rhoden RMG SHE Road Safety Programme Manager: Mobile: 07436 039 785Email:

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB304 Royal Mail Group June 2018, Road Safety Campaign, Launch WC 3rd June 2019 – Seat Belts

CWU Seat Belt Poster


Seat Belts – one-pager for logistics drivers – June 2019 – FINAL

Seatbelt June 2019 ASR – FINAL

WTLL Road Safety Campaign – Seat Belts – May 2019 – Draft 2 MB amends – .._

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