Motion E2 Carried at CWU Annual Conference

Motion E2 Carried at CWU Annual Conference

Branches will recall that motion E2 was carried at CWU Annual Conference. The motion seeks to resolve the ongoing issue of some members in BT Enterprise Field Service not receiving a pay rise in the last 3 years. The motion also instructed the Executive to ballot the relevant members for industrial action should this matter not be resolved through discussion by the 1st July this year.

This situation has developed as a result of some members having the former ITS Hendrix grading system imposed on them while they were employed in IT Services. Our ex-Computacenter members were specifically excluded from the Hendrix Grading system whilst employed in IT Services. Bizarrely, it was BT that put them into the Hendrix Grading system when they were TUPE’d back into BT plc in 2016. This was in spite of the fact that Hendrix grading did not pre-exist this TUPE anywhere else in BT plc. As things stand, they will face the prospect of not receiving a pay rise year on year, despite the gap between their pay and that of their Newgrid colleagues, who do identical work, continuing to increase. This is as a consequence of their current salaries being above the Hendrix pay max.

The T&FS Executive advised conference that the current field grading and operating model discussions includes these groups and this issue and will be directly impacted by whether or not a satisfactory solution can be found to resolve this unfairness, in respect of pay.

Discussions are continuing and the union is committed to doing all in its power to find a solution to this issue. Nevertheless we need to prepare for a potential situation where that may not be possible.

I am therefore writing to ask branches to ensure that their membership details with regards to BT Enterprise Field Service members are up to date and 100% accurate. The relevant OUC Is NKA.

Branches will be kept up to date as discussions continue and at some point in the next 3 weeks, there will be a branch forum to consider an update on the discussions and the situation concerning Motion E2. This forum may have to be called at short notice.

Any enquiries concerning this LTB should be directed to

Yours sincerely,


Allan Eldred
Assistant Secretary

LTB 294.2019

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