Royal Mail Fleet: Pay and Attendance

Royal Mail Fleet: Pay and Attendance

Further to LTB185/2019 sent out on 22nd March, further discussions have taken place with Royal Mail Fleet. 

It has been agreed: 

That the 2% RM Group wide 1st April pay increase will be paid to Motor Transport Grades in Fleet. The increase will be paid backdated from 1st April, in June wages. 

•That the unagreed revision guidelines issued in a home mailing by Fleet are withdrawn. Agreed revision guidelines have been negotiated and will be briefed to CWU representatives next week.

•Local revision discussions will take place before the CWU ballot on the proposed agreement, fulfilling a promise given to members that people will vote in the fullest possible knowledge of the implications of changed attendance patterns in their workshop.

In light of the above, it is intended to start the ballot on the proposed Appendix A Agreement on Friday, 24th May with the announcement of the result on Tuesday 11th June. 

The attached letter has been sent to Motor Transport Graded Members in Fleet. A meeting of CWU Fleet Area and Cluster Representatives is taking place on Wednesday 10th April at CWQ Head Office. 

Yours sincerely


Ray Ellis

Assistant Secretary 


Fleet Mail Out.05.04.19

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