BT PERSONNEL – New Joiners

BT PERSONNEL – New Joiners 

Please find attached final documentation on the ‘New Joiners’ Procedure, Policy and Manager’s Guide. The new documentation is in response to Motions 38, 40, 41, and 42 carried at last year’s Conference.

Branches will note that the New Joiner process now applies for 12 months and not 2 years. There is also now consistency of length of warnings. In addition if someone has been employed by an Agency and have provided services to BT for 2 or more years immediately before being issued with a permanent contract, then this policy does not apply and existing policies will apply from their first day of employment.

The Union’s Personnel Team hope that this satisfies the above Motions. The test as ever is how the new process is applied.

Any enquiries from Branches regarding this LTB should be referred to my office in the first instance.

Yours sincerely


Dave Jukes
Assistant Secretary

LTB 209.2019 – BT Personnel – New Joiners
Attachment 1 – LTB 209.2019
Attachment 2 – LTB 209.2019
Attachment 3 – LTB 209.2019

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