Culture Visits Feedback and Interim Joint Statement

Culture Visits Feedback and Interim Joint Statement

Further to LTB 695/18, Branches will be aware that Joint Culture visits were due to be conducted at 62 workplaces within Royal Mail Group with the agreed reports being submitted by 22nd February 2019.  However with any initiative of this magnitude there was always going to be a slight delay with visits to certain locations due to diary commitments and other factors.  Nonetheless, I am pleased to announce that at the time of writing this LTB, the joint visits to the vast majority of units have been completed and over 2,000 participants have provided an insight into their working environment.

I am due to visit a further 6 sites with Sally Ashford, Chief HR Officer which will take place over the coming weeks at Wythenshawe, Prescott, West Park and Aireborough Delivery Offices as well as at the Home Counties North and Edinburgh Mail Centres.  In addition, a meeting is due to be held with Royal Mail Group on 21st March 2019 to begin the voluminous work that is required to jointly analyse both the positive and negative feedback received. It is however already evident that whilst some matters will require further national dialogue, others can be resolved locally.

At a meeting on 19th March 2019, the Postal Executive were provided with an update in relation to the considerable amount of joint work that has been conducted and endorsed the attached Interim Joint Statement. This outlines the next three key steps and also provides examples of some of the reoccurring themes and issues that can be resolved locally.

Branches will appreciate that whilst there is still much overall work yet to be completed, our members will expect to see some “quick wins” following the Joint Culture visits. It is therefore vitally important that the text within the Interim Joint Statement is used as the basis of resolving these issues and providing “quick wins” in the workplace.

This mutual interest activity will be addressed through the development of local action plans under the guidance of the Lead CWU Divisional Representative and Managers who held the visit(s).This work will also highlight and resolve similar issues that have been identified at neighbouring sites and will be jointly reviewed after three months.

The Joint Statement refers to the national discussions to progress the culture activity, the independent evaluation and further joint communications. Evidently, it is imperative that there is not a communications vacuum in the next few weeks and as a result I am requesting that Branches give this statement the highest possible publicity. In addition, a two page article will be appearing in the Voice magazine that is due to be dispatched imminently.

I would also like to make Branches aware that our Research Department is in the process of finalising an assessment of the data returned which will be circulated in due course and will no doubt recall that the process for the culture visits in relation to Parcelforce Worldwide was announced in LTB 101/19 and work is about to commence.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to those who have participated in this Joint Activity that has been so successful in giving members an opportunity to provide honest feedback as well as voicing their opinions.

Click here to watch the video from Terry Pullinger

The CWU are committed to addressing the culture in Royal Mail Group and your responses are providing the platform to complete this work.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger
Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

Attachment to LTB 173.19 – Interim Culture Visits Update – 8-3-19


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