Urgent Royal Mail Central Postal Control Security Action Flash Update – Suspect Packages & Small, Viable Improvised Explosive Devices

Urgent Royal Mail Central Postal Control Security Action Flash Update – Suspect Packages & Small, Viable Improvised Explosive Devices

Further to LTBs 139/2019 and 144/19, please find attached a copy of the latest Royal Mail Central Postal Control, Security Urgent Update Action Flash/Brief (CPC 006) which is being sent to all Operational Office Managers for immediate attention and action where appropriate in RDCs, VOCs, Mail Centres, Hubs and Delivery Offices, by Royal Mail Central Postal Control (CPC).

The Police have advised Royal Mail that a coded message from the “Real IRA” has been received, today, by the Irish Times, claiming responsibility for sending five improvised explosive devices to addresses in the UK mainland last week. The statement claims that, three were to commercial addresses and two, to military addresses.

As you know four suspect packages have been accounted for to date at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, Waterloo Station and The Officer Training Corp, Glasgow University. There is a possibility that there is one outstanding item in the pipeline, yet to be located or more likely that it has already been delivered and either discarded, left unopened or returned to sender by the addressee.

Royal Mail Security have confirmed that the Royal Mail National Returns Centre Management have briefed staff earlier in the week and will reinforce that brief again today. The Police have asked Royal Mail to reissue the brief to staff in case any further items are spotted in the Royal Mail pipeline.

As there may be further items in the postal system, or being returned to sender, the key messages and description of the suspect package items remain valid and members should remain vigilant at all times and report suspicions if any similar parcels are discovered in the system. Royal Mail Security is working closely with the Police and the CWU.

The packages are described as having an A4 sized white outer plastic postal bag with a handwritten address. They have two postal stamps with a heart motif. Inside the postal bag is a yellow/brown A5 Jiffy bag.

Images of the packaging that the devices were contained in are in the attached CPC Action Flash (CPC 006) and the characteristics of the packages found so far are described as follows:-

  • They are contained in white self-sealing A4 plastic/polylope envelopes.
  • They bear two x Euro 1 Republic of Ireland (AnPost) postage stamps with a heart-shaped motif and cancellation marks.
  • The addresses are handwritten in block capital letters in black ink.

If any member discovers a suspicious item matching this description they should;

  • Alert the manager who will call CPC and the police and will advise on next steps.
  • CPC 24-Hr contact number is 0345 266 1060.
  • The Royal Mail Stay Calm guidelines for managing suspect parcels should be followed and can be located at this link:-
  • http://staycalm.online/on-site/incident/suspect-items/
  • Ensure the item has been set down carefully on the nearest flat surface – the floor will do.
  • Do not try to cover it or put it in a bag. Do not bend, squeeze, flex or pinch the item.
  • Warn people in the immediate vicinity that a suspect package has been found and that you are in the process of determining if there is any danger.

The Police and Royal Mail will keep us informed of any further developments in their investigations and support all efforts to protect against further items entering and moving through the Royal Mail pipeline to destinations.

The key messages and descriptions, photographs (attached) and details remain valid and all CWU Reps are asked as a priority to cascade this information to our members to remain vigilant and to look out for similar suspicious packages if any similar parcels are discovered – report them immediately.

Thanks for your attention and support.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB155 Urgent Royal Mail Central Postal Control Security Action Flash Update – Suspect Packages

Actionflash (2019) 006 (1) – Suspect Packages IEDS

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