UN Anti-Racism Event – Saturday 16 March, London

UN Anti-Racism Event – Saturday 16th March, London

You will be aware from previous LTBs and communications that the UN Anti-Racism event in London on Saturday 16th March has been made a priority commitment by the CWU.  We would like to reaffirm the need for all CWU Branches to send a delegation to the demonstration to ensure we have the biggest possible turnout on the day. 

It is also vital we are as bright and vibrant as possible.  Our Communications team are working on advanced plans but all Branches should come in CWU colours (new brighter shade) and if possible bring your Branch banners.

We have seen some innovative work taking place across the union to build numbers and Branches should consider approaches such as releasing local reps, bringing family members and friends, working with local trades councils and building links with community groups.

The demonstration will assemble on Park Lane, W1K 1QA (near the Dorchester Hotel) at 12 noon – the CWU team will be there well in advance of this.

The General Secretary and others will address the CWU Block prior to the march commencing.

We have produced a campaign pack consisting of social media graphics and workplace posters.  These can be accessed via this link https://www.cwu.org/anti-racism-campaign-pack/

As we move towards March 16th please help us to build momentum online by tweeting about the demonstration using #TheCWU and tagging @CWUNews in your tweets.

Our aim is to make this event the launch of a new and more dynamic anti-racism strategy for the union – thank you for your work towards achieving this.

We will work with our Regional Secretaries over the next week or so to keep pushing the attendance as high as possible and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

Yours sincerely


Dave Ward – General Secretary                          

Trish Lavelle – Head of Equality & Training                                     

Chris Webb – Head of Communications 

19LTB137 – UN Anti-Racism Event – Saturday 16th March London

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