CWU Membership Forms, Political Fund and Data Protection (Opt ins)

CWU Membership Forms, Political Fund and Data Protection (Opt ins)

As set out in LTB 115/18 and 209/18, we are required to include an “opt in” option to the Political Fund alongside a further “opt in” for receiving communications in line with GDPR on all of our application forms. These are legislative changes and must be complied with at all times.

It has been brought to our attention that some branches are still utilising the old forms; they must be destroyed immediately please. Any old forms received in the Membership Department will be returned to the branch to ensure the correct form is used. This will inevitably create an unnecessary delay to new members joining the union.

In addition, we cannot accept photos of forms – they must either be scanned or sent as hard copies.

As you will appreciate, these are two very significant changes that impact on what we do. How we manage this process is subject to an audit in line with the new Trade Union Administration Act – we are due a further audit in March 2019. If we fail to comply with the legislation and are subsequently fined, you will understand the financial implications this will have on the union moving forward.

It is therefore extremely important that the new membership forms are being used and you can continue to receive the new forms either via the website, contacting Membership Records – Laura Wright (, T&FSE department – Ray Walsh (, Postal department – Zubeida Mussa ( or

Any queries on the content of this LTB should be directed to Jo Thair in the SDGS department (

Yours sincerely,


Tony Kearns
Senior Deputy General Secretary

19LTB073 – CWU Membership Forms Political Fund Data Protection Opt ins

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