Royal Mail Group (RMG) – Annual Property Inspections (API)/Building Risk Assessments (BRA) Surveys – New Site Log Book Deployment Update

Royal Mail Group (RMG) – Annual Property Inspections (API)/Building Risk Assessments (BRA) Surveys – New Site Log Book Deployment Update

This update is for the attention of Area and Workplace Health and Safety Representatives regarding the new Royal Mail Site Log Book (SLB) deployment of which began in October 2018.

To date over 403 Site Log Books have been replaced by Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions (RMP&FS) as part of the Annual Property Inspection (API)/Building Risk Assessment (BRA) Survey programme with a new condensed, easier to read and use, modern version SLB. The Site Log Book and PiC Handbook have been reviewed in conjunction with each other and duplication removed.

National Design Consultancy (NDC) has been commissioned by Royal Mail Group Property Holdings & Facilities Solutions (RMP&FS) to carry out an Annual Property Inspection/Building Risk Assessment (BRA) Survey at each site. This survey forms part of Royal Mail’s rolling programme of Building Surveys.

1600 RMG sites will get a new version of the Site Log Book (SLB) during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 API programme. The old SLB had 6 volumes and 187 pages. In the new version, this has been reduced to 1 volume and 48 pages.

The National Design Consultancy (NDC), will visit approximately 10 sites per week and will brief the Person in Control (PiC), taking them through the whole process and explaining the changes, removing the old Site Log Book (SLB), sending this to archives and replacing the old version with a new modern version.

So far this has been very well received with positive feedback. All sites will have the new site logs books in place by the end of September 2019.

Attached for your information are the forms of communications sent to PiC’s. All PiC’s are expected to complete the hazard control sheet in advance of the API/SLB deployment.

The attachments include copies of the following communications, documents, briefings and associated materials being communicated across Royal Mail Group and to all Persons in Control (PiCs) ahead of the forthcoming planned site visits; e.g. PiC Briefs, instructions, procedures and deployment processes. For your information. They are:-

  • Letter to PiC’s to inform them of the Annual Property/Site Compliance Inspection (API visit) and New Site Log Book(SLB) deployment. (NOTE: Prior to the API. PiCs are requested to (a) complete a Hazard Control Sheet, (b) check that the latest Fire Risk Assessment Review document is available within the website records (c) check that the Premises Fire Evacuation Plan is available within the website records and (d) during the visit PiCs will be asked to complete an Environmental Legal Register.
  • API mailshot – Announcing that the Annual Property Inspection (API) is now due and a letter is being issued to site PiC outlining the arrangements for the visit. Ahead of the API/BRA Survey/SLB change over visit the PiC must download and complete a new Hazard Control Sheet in advance of the visit, placing one copy in the SLB and sending one copy to the National Design Consultancy (NDC).
  • Annual Property Inspection/Building Risk Assessment/Site Log Book Deployment Plan Monitor with dates – October 2018 – September 2019.
  • New SLB Deployment Procedure.
  • Ops Briefing on “New Site Log Book Deployment” – For information and cascade.All Area Health and Safety Representatives will be fully consulted and involved locally with the Annual Property/Site Compliance Inspection/Building Risk Assessment visits and Site Log Book Change Over process and can attend by making local arrangements with the PiC/SHE Advisor.

If PiCs have any issues, concerns or questions ASRs should direct them to Mr. Gurkan Hasan Implementation Manager RM Property Risk, Compliance & Assurance Email: Mobile: 07736 786704

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB053 Royal Mail Group (RMG) – Annual Property Inspections

API Letter of Authority 2018-19 r1

API Mailshot

Copy of API SLB Monitor _Deployment plan Oct 2018_Sept 19

Deployment Procedures for new SLBs Rev2

Ops Briefing_New Site Log Book Deployment_Sept v1 2018 (FINAL)

Site Log Book Slide PAck Briefing & Background v1 Jan 2019 Update

Template For API Letter incl. SLB Mailshot_27-12-18 – Copy


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