Re: CWU Low Level Letter Box Campaign – BBC Breakfast Programme Tomorrow Tuesday 29 January

Re: CWU Low Level Letter Box Campaign – BBC Breakfast Programme Tomorrow Tuesday 29 January

Further to my 16 January communication to ASRs and Regional Health and Safety Forums, this is to inform you that the CWU Low Level Letter Box Campaign is due to be a ‘Feature Item’ on the BBC Breakfast Programme tomorrow morning following a visit by the BBC to Chelmsford Delivery Office in Essex where a number of interviews took place along with filming of the operation as well as out on delivery with a CWU member and delivery postman. (NOTE: The BBC does warn that the Feature can be moved back to later in the week if a big breaking news event story should arise and take precedent).

As you know, I have been campaigning on the above subject since I became National Officer.  Conference in 2018 carried two motions, one in General, one in Postal to re-launch the Campaign and this I have been doing both nationally and locally, working with a number of ASRs in particular to deal with many local issues and developments in which we have had some success.

The key objective is to get the law changed in order to outlaw low level letter boxes on new builds, building refurbishments and replacement doors by achieving a law change to the Building Regulations which require the fitting of mid-height letter boxes to all new homes, refurbishments and new doors.

Presently, the Union has to fight builders, landlords and developers case by case in difficult situations to convince them to follow the non-mandatory EU Standard.

I am pleased to report that a Private Member’s Ten Minute Rule Bill by Chelmsford MP Vicky Ford which was heard before a packed House of Commons on 16 January, following Prime Minister’s Question Time and before the Labour Opposition No Confidence Motion.

The Low Level Letter Box (Prohibition) Bill speech by Vicky Ford MP in the House of Commons on 16.1.19 can be watched at this link:

I am also pleased that at long last we have managed to get the subject matter on to the floor of the House of Commons and from here the objective will be to widen the Campaign within the Houses of Parliament and schedule meetings with ministers to take the Campaign forward.

Finally, I wish to add that I have recently received a huge level of correspondence and support from Labour MPs and MPs from all Political Parties as well as local Council Politicians where we are also campaigning locally.

Yours sincerely


Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

19LTB054 CWU Low Level Letter Box Campaign – BBC Breakfast Programme Tuesday 29 January 2019


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