You will be aware that the Black Workers Conference takes place on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 in Birmingham and the purpose of this LTB is to provide more detail on the panel session we will be holding at the Conference.

Given the decisions of the Redesign Conference we are of course in the unusual position of moving from our existing structures to the new Equality/Conference structures and we believe the panel session offers an opportunity to discuss how the new Equality Structures will operate in relation to all aspects of our BAME work.

At this juncture we recognise that there will be legitimate questions and concerns about our next steps, how the transition will take place and what this means for elected positions and the frequency of meetings.

Therefore the panel session will be built around the following:

 The need to build on the recommendations agreed at the Redesign Conference and provide more clarity on how the new structures will operate

 Taking questions from the floor to ensure we have a comprehensive discussion.

 In relation to 5.6 of the Conference Policy paper and the agreed recommendation on how we will develop future strategy, we are keen to take input from the floor on your ideas and priorities, particularly on the best way to proactively combat the rise of the Far Right.

The panel will comprise of the following:

 Sajid Shaikh 

 Trish Lavelle 

 Dave Ward 

 Sharon Pratt 

 Ian Taylor 

 Winston Richards 

We are also providing branches/delegates with the additional facility of submitting questions in writing prior to the Conference (up until 5pm on Monday 21st January, should you wish to do so)

You will see from the above that this session has been scheduled to maximize participation and continue to build understanding on the Redesign approach to our Equality/BAME.

Finally we look forward to seeing all branches and delegates at the Conference.

Yours sincerely


Trish Lavelle – Head of Education, Training & Equal Opps   Dave Ward – General Secretary

19LTB029 – Black Workers Conference 2019

View Online


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