All branches will be aware of the result last night on Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal which saw an historic defeat for the government on its flagship policy and resulted in Labour tabling a no confidence motion which will be heard later today.


The situation is very fluid and it’s important that we continue to set out the CWU’s position.


We have supported the call for a General Election and today we are calling for all Labour MPs to vote against the government on the no confidence motion this evening. We all know that the deal between the DUP and the Tory Party means this is unlikely to succeed. However, securing a general election and a change in government remains our priority and the best outcome for the country. We will continue to push for this whatever the outcome of tonight’s vote.


We took the decision yesterday to be very active in proceedings and you may have seen that our Head of Communications and his team gained access to College Green and were reporting live as events unfolded. We make this point because there were a number of really good interviews they were able to undertake, two of which (Vince Cable and Owen Jones) we are sharing again on the following links:


In the likely event that tonight’s no confidence vote goes down, we are firmly of the view that the defeat suffered by the government will open up opportunities for a different approach on Brexit and the government must take a different course in order to get a deal through.


In her statement last night, the Prime Minister made a calculated move to say she is now prepared to listen and reach out to other political parties in order to look at amendments to her deal that might gain overall support in Parliament, prior to going back to the EU.


It is clear that there is no majority for either a no deal or a hard right Brexit and the government must now face down the hard right Brexiteers within the Tory party and work with Labour in the interests of the country.


Should the no confidence vote be defeated attention will undoubtedly turn to the call for a second Referendum/People’s Vote. The NEC discussed the issue at length in November 2018 and branches will have seen the document we sent out on Brexit with LTB 684/18. As outlined in that document the CWU is not currently calling for a second Referendum and our position has been to try and unite our members around the campaign for a new deal for workers. As highlighted in the CWU’s interview with Vince Cable last night, it is difficult to see how we can bring people back together by simply re-running the arguments of the past two years.


The NEC will keep all developments under review and will discuss the overall situation again when it meets later this month. Finally, there is a link below to an interview I did earlier this morning with Chris Webb on my reflections on last night’s events and potential next steps.


Further information will follow in due course.


Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed


Yours sincerely


Dave Ward

General Secretary

19LTB022 – Brexit

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