Royal Mail Group Managerial Structure 

Royal Mail Group Managerial Structure 

I understand that Royal Mail Group will be making an announcement today about their new operational structure. Whilst I say new, it will very much reflect the old structure with the same familiar faces.

This will be hugely disappointing news to all CWU activists and members who have unfortunately witnessed and experienced the significant damage to industrial and employee relations, resourcing and bullying culture this previous structure drove in Royal Mail. The announcement also carries a commitment to reintroduce a managerial area structure.

The business has stressed that they are fully committed to the ‘Four Pillars Agreement’ and all aspects of it, similarly they have stressed that the reintroduction of this old structure will address the accountability issue which was so evidently lacking in the past.

I believe the appointment of this managerial structure is a backward step by Royal Mail Group and completely the wrong decision which has clearly not been determined in the spirit of mutual interest – with my counsel on any new structure clearly ignored. Of course we would not accept management dictating our structure and clearly we cannot dictate theirs, but I fully appreciate the negativity this announcement will drive.

The CWU Officers will now test how the accountability of managers (an issue that was at the core of the relationship and deployment structures of the Four Pillars Agreement) will be maintained and operate in this new structure.

In closing, my message is clear. The Four Pillars Agreement reached genuinely positioned us for the future and the positive mutual interest evolution of Royal Mail Group, whilst affording our members employment and standard of living security. We are fully committed to that Agreement and will fight to protect it with the same determination it was achieved with. We simply will not accept walking backwards into the future.

In the meantime we must continue to ensure at all levels of this Union and especially at local level, that we are the most relevant and strongest workplace Trade Union in the country.

Further updates will be provided as more details emerge. Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)      

18LTB702 RMG Managerial Structure         


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