Isle of Man (IOM) Post Office

Isle of Man (IOM) Post Office

 Colleagues will be aware that CWU members in the Isle of Man embarked upon two days of official Industrial Action to defend their pay, terms & conditions of employment and pensions.  In effect, the challenges our colleagues in the Isle of Man are facing mirror those that CWU members working for Royal Mail faced during the Four Pillars dispute, which was resolved earlier this year.

The messages of support and solidarity to our members in the Isle of Man from CWU Branches across the country have been very much appreciated by our colleagues.  Furthermore, the Postal Section of the CWU as well as the wider CWU membership is standing with them in seeking to prevent the race to the bottom mentality that the current Isle of Man Postal Board has adopted.  In light of the IOM Government debates and media interventions, we have to acknowledge that this dispute would appear to be as much with the IOM Government as with the IOM Post Office and could therefore be a long dispute.

Colleagues will note that following the magnificent ballot result, the strike was well supported and this can be seen clearly in the videos that have been circulated via the CWU website as well on social media.  As with any dispute, many Branches and Senior Field Officials have contacted the Department requesting details of what additional support can be provided and against this backdrop the Department are suggesting the following:

  • That CWU regions (in collaboration with their Divisional Representatives/PFW Regional Organisers and Branches) consider the possibility of funding delegations from each region to attend the Isle of Man during periods of further Industrial Action as a show of solidarity and support.


  • Continue with personal messages of support from Branches, Representatives and members on a regular basis including any further days of Industrial Action.


  • Consider providing financial assistance to our members in the Isle of Man by donating to the IOM Strike Fund which the Department is setting up with the assistance of the SDGS.


  • Provide physical letters from Branches to the IOM Branch articulating support.

The above are just a few suggestions of ways in which the wider Union can provide additional support to our colleagues in the Isle of Man so that they can continue to challenge the unacceptable proposals management have put on the table in order to get them back into meaningful negotiations and reach an acceptable settlement on all of the issues currently in dispute.

Any enquiries in relation to the content of this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department and further updates will be issued in due course.

Yours sincerely,


Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)                    


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