RM/CWU National Joint Statement – Collections on Delivery (COLOD) Unit Consolidation Point – Walk Scanning

RM/CWU National Joint Statement – Collections on Delivery (COLOD) Unit Consolidation Point – Walk Scanning

Dear Colleagues,

Branches and Representatives will be aware that following the ratification of the 2018 Guiding Principles Agreement, there have been a number of areas where work in the Collections has taken place and is primarily contained within Sections 8 (Resourcing) and 9 (Quality of Service). It was agreed that both parties would produce a jointly agreed checklist to assess each Unit against the application of our National Agreements.

A critical area that has been identified for improvement is the consolidation of Collection on Delivery (COLOD) mail in the delivery unit for onward connection to mail centres.

As such, both parties have jointly reviewed the COLOD process to determine the actions required to quickly highlight and improve performance and deliver the service that customers trust Royal Mail to provide. This has identified the need for a daily measurement and reporting system to confirm the return and consolidation of all COLOD mail at the delivery unit and the onward conveyance to the mail centres, and we have agreed to roll-out this approach to all COLOD units.

All delivery units who perform COLOD will be sent their consolidation barcode which must be added to the designated COLOD consolidation point. Unit managers, working together with their local CWU representative, will need to ensure they brief every postperson who performs collections on delivery and work together to complete the following:

  • Ensure there is a dedicated labelled consolidation point that everyone is aware of.
  • Ensure each postperson who collects mail whilst on delivery understands that they need to scan the barcode at the consolidation point and drop their mail when they return to the unit – including reserves that will cover these duties.
  • Ensure there is facility for someone to scan to confirm the consolidation mail has been collected.
  • Ensure there is an alternative posting facility designated e.g a post box which has a later collection time in case people are late back from delivery and may fail to connect to feeder services to the mail centre (this process must include all mails being sent via the Blue Pouch method). In this regard this process will be the exception and all other meaningful processes to connect these mails must have been considered.
  • Review their unit’s current process for the consolidation of mail collected on delivery and onward conveyance to the mail centre to make sure there are no risks to service.

We have agreed that any operational changes required to facilitate the above arrangements will be progressed in line with the IR Framework.

Both parties have also agreed the deployment activity will be jointly monitored at all levels of the operation through Strategic Involvement meetings. In addition, at National level any issues relating to the deployment and its success will be through the National Collection JWG meetings and a National review of the deployment will take place within 3 months of the launch date to ensure issues identified are addressed with solutions agreed where necessary.

Any queries to the content of the above, please contact the Outdoor Department, reference 532, email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Kavanagh

CWU Acting Assistant Secretary

LTB 567.18 – RM_CWU Joint Statement – Collections on Delivery (COLOD) Unit Consolidation Point – Walk Scanning

RM CWU Joint Statement Collections on Delivery (COLOD) Unit Consolidation Point – Walk Scanning Final 08 10 19


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