Terry Pullinger on the Share Price

Terry Pullinger on the Share Price

Commenting on this story, CWUs Deputy General Secretary (Postal), Terry Pullinger, said:

“We never agreed with the privatisation of Royal Mail or the ‘free’ shares that were given to our members.

These schemes are considered a good idea based on the theory that they give workers a say in the running of the organisation and a personal interest in its success.

When workers have absolutely no say in advanced predictions on profit – which may well be overly – optimistic, the share is worth less the moment reality kicks in.

Figures lie and liars figure and this is yet another demonstration of the fact that our people’s post is under constant threat.

The service is judged by share price and unrealistic targets when its success should be measured by the delivery of first-class connectivity and service to the communities and business of this country.

It’s high time that we ended the privatisation agenda and renationalised the service, taking the focus away from profiteering and back to a publicly owned postal service that is the envy of the world.”


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