WRAP’ (Walk Risk Assessment Platform) – Technical Fixes Guide

WRAP’ (Walk Risk Assessment Platform) – Technical Fixes Guide:

To: All Branches

Dear Colleagues,

It is important that Delivery Offices are compliant with their Walk Risk Assessment Platform (WRAP) database in order to ensure that all safety hazards on each delivery round, including problem dogs are logged, along with the appropriate risk controls information which is then readily available to staff performing the round in question.

Gary Millward Royal Mail Group Technical Safety, Health and Environment Systems Manager ‎has advised all Delivery Managers and PiCs that if they have a technical problem with ‘WRAP’ they should refer to the ‘Technical Fixes Guide’ which can be found on the SHE Knowledge Database under the ‘Popular Apps’ section of the Royal Mail Intranet. If any further assistance is needed they should contact their RM SHE Advisor to discuss the issues.

A copy of the ‘WRAP Technical Fixes Guide’‎ is attached for ASRs/WSRs information.

For any Delivery Office Managers having issues with ‘WRAP’ including Animal ID corruption, hills/stairs issues, etc., – a panel of trained RM SHE Advisors are available to assist. These are:-

* John English

* Kerry Whiteford

* Simon Handford

* Trevor Hamilton

They should be e-mailed with a copy of the ‘WRAP’ file with a description of the issue/problem.

A list of common problems are dealt with in the attached guide.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB560 WRAP (Walk Risk Assessment Platform) – Technical Fixes Guide

Common Technical Issues

View Online


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