CWU Disability Awareness for Reps Workshop

CWU Disability Awareness for Reps Workshop

 Dear Colleague,

You may recall that the following policy was set at Disability Conference 2016 and in pursuance of meeting its terms a draft course has been developed, trialed to and endorsed by members of the Disability Advisory Committee and the Equal Opps Department:

That this Conference instructs the Disability Advisory Committee to pursue the following policy: Conference instructs the DAC to work closely with the NEC and the Education Department to develop a one day awareness course on disability for representatives. These courses to be run in the field, so making it accessible for all. Nottingham and District Amal

Some minor amendment, as suggested during delivery of the pilot, was adopted and the workshop is now available for local / regional field delivery.

It should be noted that the workshop is informal, unaccredited and does not attract formal paid release. However, it may be successfully argued locally that where the trade union is recognized by the employer, this CWU approved training is relevant to any representative’s duties and therefore paid release may apply.

Any enquiries regarding this LTB should be addressed to Michelle Simpson or Neil Coleby by telephoning 0208 971 7340 (Michelle) or 07801 364088 (Neil) or by email to

Yours sincerely

Trish Lavelle
Head of Education & Training

LTB 535 – CWU Disability Awareness for Reps Workshop

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