RM & CWU National Joint Statement, Resourcing & Quality Checklists – Update May 2018

RM & CWU National Joint Statement, Resourcing & Quality Checklists – Update May 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Branches and Representatives will be aware that the 2018 Guiding Principles Agreement, contained within Sections 8 (Resourcing) and 9 (Quality of Service) it was agreed that both parties would produce a jointly agreed checklist to assess each Unit against the application of our National Agreements and ensure that all scheduled mail is being cleared on a daily basis.

Following discussions with Royal Mail we have now agreed the content of both checklists, which is supported by the attached Joint Statement and we are now in the process of working with RM to provide a solution that will allow units to complete these checklists using an online platform. Subject to the online solution being developed to timescale, the intention is to launch these two checklists as one combined exercise during the week commencing 21st May 2018.

The purpose of the exercise is to build confidence that all delivery units are compliant with all National agreements and joint statements. Where it is identified there is non-compliance, an agreed action plan will be worked up locally as a priority. In addition, we have also included a number of questions within the resourcing checklist pertaining to annual leave in order to avoid further duplication and deal with this element of the National agreement within one combined joint exercise.

In line with the commitment within the Guiding Principles Agreement, both the unit manager and local CWU rep will complete this exercise together as a part of the weekly resourcing meeting. Accordingly it is essential that the local or area CWU representative where there is no local rep in place, is provided with sufficient release time to jointly complete this exercise with the Delivery manager.

Units will have a maximum of three weeks to complete this exercise and all returns must be completed online no later than Friday 8th June 2018.

The completed online checklists will be made available to the CWU Area Reps and RM Ops Managers and also the CWU Divisional Reps and RM Delivery Leads both where compliance has been agreed and where non-compliant remedy action plans are being worked up, these will also be made available to the CWU Divisional Reps and RM Delivery Leads for their respective units, as well as the overall outputs being shared with the Department Nationally.

Further updates will follow once the process is completed and finalised, any queries to the content of the above, please contact the Outdoor Department, reference 230.03, e-mail address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Baulch

CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 280.18 – Joint Statement RM & CWU Checklists Update May 2018

RM_CWU Checklist Joint Statement Final

View Online


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