Postal Conference Day 3 Report by Lee Walsh

Final day:

North Wales put a motion to conference to instruct the PEC to agree a joint training package with the business around “cutting off?” in deliveries. Their view is members are treated entirely different when not being able to complete their delivery. those willing to extend are praised but those choosing not to extend but cut off are often bullied. The training package will ensure Reps and managers are aware of all procedures in the conduct code (annex 1) covering non completion of delivery.

Terry pullinger spoke at length about conversations he’s had with the business around managers who are intent on bullying staff instead of having reasonable conversations. Terry reaffirmed that he’s been given assurances any such managers are not welcome in the business by Sue Whalley.

Bristol and district Amal moved a motion with concerns around the new grievance procedure. The new agreement gives the business 10 days to respond where the previous agreement give them 5 working days. The new agreement has timescales looser than ACAS guidelines and the paper form is replaced with a form now only on psp (managers computers) They instructed conference to agree new timescales with the business. Ray Ellis CWU assistant secretary opposed the motion but it was supported and agreed.

Highland Amal moved a motion to ‘re examine the b&h procedure as the process tends to be all about sweeping complaints under the carpet. this motion was supported and agreed.

South Central Postal raised a motion with concerns around members being taken off driving due to minor collisions. The branch said it wasn’t in the spirit of the RTA ( road traffic accident) agreement and our emphasis must be to keep drivers driving.

this motion was supported and agreed.

Newcastle amal branch instructed conference to seek agreement that both overtime and SA rate is always above the basic hourly rate. this was supported and carried.

Anglia division and Eastern number 3 and 4 raised a composite motion (when more than one branch raises the same motion) to instruct conference to enter into negotiations before October 31st 2018 so that S.A. holiday payments (Xmas, boxing and new years day) is paid in the proper timescales as last year many people were still chasing up payments into the new year. They also instructed conference to reach agreement that all pre scheduled over the Xmas pressure period is paid at S.A. rate. This motion was supported and carried.

In Terry Pullingers closing speech at conference he thanked many people including the negotiatiors and staff at CWU and all the local reps but saved the biggest thanks of all to each and every member. Terry said it’s all our responsibility to go back into our workplaces and talk up this union and be proud to be part of the best and most powerful industrial trade union in the UK. He said when all the other trade union officials hear the name CWU at the TUC, their ears instantly prick up as is the strength and weight of our support from members. Terry sent out a final message to Royal Mail and all the senior managers sitting in the observers isle “THIS UNION COMES IN PEACE BUT IF IT’S NOT PEACE AND AGREEMENTS THE BUSINESS ASPIRES TO , WE HAVE A BIG BASTARD STICK TO BEAT YOU WITH”

this concludes my final daily report from conference 2018.

Lee Walsh

Letter Section Secretary

Branch Treasurer

Peterborough Delivery Representative


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