Postal Conference Day 2 Report by Lee Walsh

Newcastle Amal branch instructed conference to force Royal Mail to restrict the amount of d2d to one lot over the Xmas pressure period. this was opposed for various reasons which included “turning business away isn’t in the interests of our members and “having d2d at Xmas doesn’t change your finish time.

South East Amal instructed conference to agree a new policy with the business to set up a working party to include women’s Reps to monitor the recruitment in royal mail deliveries. currently only 15% of workers in royal mail are women.

Women’s conference instructed conference to make it compulsory for royal mail to have a list of toilet facilities attached to every walk log for women members. lots of discussion around the many issues our women members face which include women’s monthly cycles, the menopause and the problems with speaking to someone about such issues. Personally I thought this debate opened the eyes of many people including myself and we as a union should be more considerate and acommading in dealing with such issues.

5 different branches submitted an instruction to conference to agree a new updated policy around severe weather conditions. We all know how difficult it become only recently in our own Branch with the severe snow and bad weather. This motion was overwhelming supported.

Kent Invicta raised concerns around quadrant members. Royal Mail own 51% of quadrant yet their staff are on minimum wage. Kent wanted conference to ballot quadrant but Davie Robinson PEC raised concerns about getting a yes vote with the membership but said the top table would be putting pressure on the business in pay talks regarding quadrant members.

Durham county Amal instructed conference to force the business to get a minimum font size on Chinese packets as members eyes are being strained every day by sorting and delivering them. This motion was overwhelming supported.

South East number 5 instructed conference that the current transfer policy is no longer fit for purpose. members are unable to transfer despite numerous requests. This was supported and conference instructed to negotiate a new agreement.

cheers lee

Lee Walsh

Letter Section Secretary

Branch Treasurer

Peterborough Delivery Representative


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