SPECIAL REPORT CWU BCC Meeting 17th April 2018


CWU BCC Meeting 17th April 2018

Anglia Divisional Representative Report – Final

Report prepared for Anglia BCC of 17th April 2018

DR18/1 CWU Campaigns & Organising

CWU Redesign – Following the recent Manchester National briefing, branches will now be aware of the need to enter into the consultation process, by answering the laid–down specific questions. Also time will be allocated inside General Conference to provide further updates. A special conference is planned for November to conclude the project.

Industrial redesign consultation is due to be launched in the near future, as a committee it is important that we collectively feature this in our forthcoming committee meetings.

TUC Campaign – On 12th May in London the TUC has organised a workers’ march, our GS Dave Ward has been a leading voice inside the TUC for this event. Given that we were principal architects for this march, we have been given the lofty position of second union group in the march. This unique position for us does bring along other pressures to ensure we have an excellent turnout.

Paul Moffat Eastern Regional Secretary will provide an update on the two above issues, also if the branches could be prepared to give quick report on their plans for 12th May, this would be helpful.

Paul Moffat was unable to attend the meeting so Chris Webb CWU Head of Communications took his place, concentrating mainly on the TUC campaign on the 12th May. He said it is important there is a large turnout of CWU members at the event because it was the CWU who have instigated this march with a motion we took to the TUC conference two years ago and again last year when the first one was not acted upon. Chris would expect most area reps and a good percentage of branch officers and as many members as possible from all branches across the country to attend. Chris was congratulated on the work his department put into the four pillars campaign. His reaction was he is determined to maintain the momentum going forward with the communications to our members.

Organising – Paul Malyan will supply a report to the committee on the day

Recommendation; the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/2 Four Pillars of Security

The agreement has now been accepted by our membership as branches will now know.

Pensions – Now that the Defined Benefit scheme is closed and we have moved into the Transitional arrangements, this has had an impact upon Ill Health Release (Pension) and VR.  In respects to both the ill health benefits in the pending CDC and DBCB transitional scheme the in-depth detail is shared in the reference files section of this report– verbal update to be provided

Whilst the pension is in the transitional phase there is not the opportunity to take enhanced pension with ill health retirement. The terms and conditions of the Four Pillars of Security and Pay National Agreement will apply in this circumstance.

Operational – There is a number of activities underway across each function, this involves LAT’s. The outcome will result in the need for cross-functional working to deal with such challenges. verbal update/report to be provided

The business has introduced Latest Acceptance Time (LAT) for tracked 24 items, to attract more traffic. They have extended the delivery time to 1900 for these items. Sprinter vans are being used throughout the network to transport the work. Some Delivery Offices throughout the country have had proposals to change their start times to a later start.  We are challenging the business proposal to move PE delivery office start time forward under LAT.

Pay – The date for back-pay has now been established for w/c 30th April, making weekly paid members getting the pay increase and back-pay on Friday 4th May 2018. Monthly paid, will get it on Monday 30th April 2018.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/3 RM Recruitment & Resourcing

It is now key that we start to press to ensure that weekly resourcing meeting are held in our offices. The new agreement supports this and goes further to direct that in delivery, where no

local rep is in place, then the requirement defaults to the area rep. This may be a chance to discuss with area managers, the need for support in completing this requirement. The agreement has also set out the need to hold 6-monthly reviews each March and September, therefore in pending area liaison meetings this should be included as an item to discuss in preparation for the forthcoming September. We will work on what we can do to support area reps with this task in the coming weeks. The resourcing checklist once revealed may also help in this regard.

There was no debate on this paragraph.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/4 Delivery

PDA actuals is the hot topic of the moment; the reports back indicate some difficulty with the National parties following the trial in the North-West/Cheshire – this paragraph will be supplemented by verbal commentary

Directors are trying to advance the use of the PDA actuals for revision activity. THERE ARE NO NATIONAL TERMS OF REFERENCE OR AGREEMENT ON THE USE OF PDA ACTUALS AS YET. Therefore , no one should be using them.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/5 Processing & Collections

A number of Joint Statements have been brought in over the last month or so, concerning trialling of new kit. We need to watch on these move from this stage to implementation.

Following a number of stage 3 disagreements raised due to proposals to change start times in a several of the IP DO’s. The source of these are all due to mail arrival profiles following inward migration. One of the actions is now for a meeting with the Migration team, Mail Centre Manager and Processing Director Rob Jenson, of course we will be having our key functional Reps to be part of this meeting – Verbal update to be given

Barry Jennings raised the issue we’ve had at the mail centre over the trial of processing small parcels on the gravity rollers. Ian McMullon raised the issue of MOD plates on new equipment. Engineers are not allowed to do maintenance on equipment if it hasn’t been fitted with a MOD plate.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/6 Network, Distribution & Logistics

Guidance Document – Agreement between Royal Mail Logistics and the CWU on Resourcing Guidelines for the Deployment of the Network Revision 2018 was issued as part of LTB 192/18. As part of this it contains an Auto RSL ability. Alongside of this is guidelines to assist in planning of waves and LAT connections.

There was no debate on this paragraph.

Recommendation; that paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/7 Personnel Processes/Procedures & Contractual issues

Conduct – The record of appeals below is testament that this procedure is the one that leads to the greater number of dismissals.

Attendance Procedure – The main issue that is being reported back is the difficulty in getting referrals to Employee Health Services, this has been relayed to the PTS Department and is going to feature in the ongoing review. We have also provided report to the department on the lack of clear written information when a stage 2 notification is awarded, insofar as it does not

make any reference to the ability to automatically (via PSP) re-issue a stage 1 notification when one absence of more than 4, but less than 10-day absence occurs.

Appeals – listed below are Appeals that are pending or have been heard since the start of 2018. Due to the pending changes to data protection in May 2018, we will need the help from Area Reps/Branches to get the member who has an appeal pending to sanction the release of the case bundle to ourselves, so we can do preparation work in advance of the appeal.

Overpayments/underpaymentsThere have been a number of disagreements recently concerning overpayments which have and some are being progressed via the IR framework.

Grievance Procedure – The new procedure is now live – At the meeting we will be seeking feedback from Reps/Branch’s on how its going.

We made aware, if a member takes out a grievance under the new procedure, for example an issuing of an AR1/2 then you have 3 months less 1 day from the date of the decision to proceed to an employment tribunal. This would also include the ACAS mediation process.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/8 Industrial Relations

Mediation – We have a number of cases on the go at present including, Bedford, Ely, Bury St Edmunds and Manningtree.

IR Framework – We held a meeting with Terry Pullinger and some of the Officers on 27th March, this was for general discussion and update. The output was our meeting with Terry and the Officers in May was moved by a week, hence the changed of date already advised. This meeting has been extended by half-day, one of the issues is for each Division to present a report beforehand on how their Division operates in a BAU situation. This has got to be completed 19th April 2018.

In the reference files section of this report is a record of the disagreements we’ve got recorded to date and Terry’s letter to us concerning the request for a report. – this paragraph will be supplemented by verbal commentary

Royal Mail are changing the boundaries of their regions again. Rob Jenson will be the new processing director for the East.

The Divisional reps have been asked to compile a report for Terry Pullinger on how we use the IR Framework in the Anglia Division.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/9 Training

The union has committed to launch training so we have pension experts out in the field, not to provide individual pension advice, but to broaden members understanding of how occupational pension work within Royal Mail. In the interim, we can do a 30 min overview on current pensions and link that with the Ill health presentation below To remind branches, that we still are able to arrange training on CWU one-day IR. We’ve also built our own Ill Health Training course, that we can deliver in a 2-hour slot during area liaison meeting time. To date we’ve only had two branches that have taken up this offer.

Refreshers on conduct and attendance are also available – this paragraph will be supplemented by verbal commentary.

There is a two-hour Ill Health Retirement training package the Divisional Reps want to roll out at liaison meetings.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR 18/10 Health & Safety

No report.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/11 Royal Mail Cleaners – Nothing new to report

There was no debate on this paragraph.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/12 Quadrant – Nothing new to report

There was no debate on this paragraph.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/13 LA’s – Nothing new to report

There was no debate on this paragraph.

Recommendation; that the paragraph be ongoing.  AGREED

DR18/14 Conference – As per advice in the email circulated on 28th March, we are seeking the Committee’s support to with draw our Motion 84. Our reasons are that following the release of LTB 166/18 which contained a Joint Statement on Professionalising our Customer Service Points (Enquiry Offices) Resourcing, it is ate view that this Joint Statement meets the terms of the submitted motion.

Recommendation; the committee agrees the withdrawal of motion 84 in the name of the Anglia Divisional Committee  AGREED

Concludes Report

EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative


Date 20th April 2018


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