Royal Mail Electric Peugeot Partner L2 Vans Introduction/Deployment Update – Part of The 2017/18Vehicle Replacement Plan

Royal Mail Electric Peugeot Partner L2 Vans Introduction/Deployment Update – Part of The 2017/18Vehicle Replacement Plan

This is an update further to reports published in LTBs 106/18, 535/17 and 454/17, regarding the 100 Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Vans being deployed by Royal Mail Group Fleet and in 17 pilot Delivery Office locations in various parts of the country.

As previously reported, RMG, recognise the need to respond positively to the government’s much-anticipated Clean Air, Environmental Plan and the need to reduce carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and diesel particulate emissions from all forms of road transport. There is a need to prepare for the introduction of Major City Low Emission Zones initially and the government announced petrol and diesel engine vehicles ban due in 2040 (2032 in Scotland). This all comes amid the rising levels of pollution posing a major risk to public health.

The RMG purchase agreement for 100 Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Vans represents one of the biggest single purchases of electric vehicles to be used commercially in the UK to date. This is the first batch of Light Commercial ElectricVans, with more planned to follow as the fleet transitions over coming years. The Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Vans will, if successful, certainly help Royal Mail to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its delivery fleet. The technical and safety feature details of the Peugeot Partner L2 Electric Van, along with training details for drivers and Fleet Technicians is contained in LTB 454/17.

Latest update on the deployment of the 100 Electric Peugeot Partners is as follows:

  • 64 vans – delivered to Derby DO, Camden DO, Whitechapel DO, Bexleyheath DO, SW London DO, Hockley DO, Cardiff DO, Nottingham South DO, Belfast DO, Harehills DO, and Edinburgh Dell DO.
  • 12 vans – delivered to Orpington DO and Dartford MPU W/C 26th March.
  • 18 vans – being delivered to Islington DO, Bristol South DO and Hythe DO W/C 9th April.
  • 6 vans – being delivered to Southwark DO during April (pending landlord’s consent).


  1. RMG Fleet is working with the CWU/HQ Health and Safety Department and the Leeds No1 Branch ASR to resolve a number of concerns flagged at Harehills DO.
  2. Further electrical earthing work is required at Bexleyheath DO before the charging points can put into use.

Installation of charging points at the associated Fleet Maintenance Workshops is continuing in parallel with the DO deployments.

Electric Vehicle Driver and Fleet Technician training has been booked with ‘Pertemps’ by unit managers and completed to align with the delivery of the electric vans.

ASRs are to be fully involved in the pilots from pre-start through to full deployment, then monitoring the new vehicles and feeding back.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

18LTB215 Royal Mail Electric Peugeot Partner L2 Vans IntroductionDeployment Update – Part of The 201718 Vehicle Replacement Plan

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