Conference Motion 88, reproduced below was carried in 2016 and the Union started engaging with Royal Mail immediately after Conference 2016.

88 CATEGORY A: Conference instructs the Postal Executive to open negotiations with Royal Mail on the Grievance Procedure.

Conference congratulates the Postal Executive on the good work already performed with the new Conduct and Attendance Agreements.

The Grievance Procedure is the next personnel process that requires an overhaul as Royal Mail management, in many locations, do not afford the credence that this statutory provision demands.

This lack of acceptance of an individual’s legal right to challenge back to the employer through a grievance in today’s workplace does need to be given a new approach that brings the best chance for early resolution.

Anglia Co-Ordinating Committee

Motion 100 reproduced below, was carried at Annual Conference 2017.

100 CATEGORY A: Conference notes concerns over the excessive and unclear timescales when progressing individual grievances through the Grievance Procedure.

With reference to the Bullying and Harassment Procedure, there is a clear prompt of timescales and actions which are accessible on the PSP system.

Conference instructs the Postal Executive to negotiate a similar system on PSP for use in the Grievance Procedure.

Portsmouth and District

Following protracted negotiations the Postal Executive has now agreed an improved procedure.

The revised procedure covers off the issues raised in the two motions.

The procedure has three stages, an informal and two formal stages, with a right to Union representation at all stages.

The improved Grievance Procedure is attached to this LTB, along with the guide for Reps and Managers. Hard copies of the policy booklet will be sent to branches in due course.

There are significant improvements to the procedure, including:-

• Informal Resolution.

• All formal stages recorded on PSP.

• Set timescales for each stage.

• Prompts for managers to ensure the process is completed on time.

• Automatic escalation if the case is not dealt with.

The improved Grievance Procedure went live on PSP on 22nd January 2018. This means the new procedure, letters and prompts are active for any new grievance starting after this date.

CWU will be reviewing the procedure with Management on a regular basis to ensure the new procedure is working as intended in ensuring grievances are dealt with properly on a timely basis.

Any enquiries should be addressed to PTCS department, quoting reference PTC/RE/kj/021 Email address:

Yours sincerely


Ray Ellis

Assistant Secretary

18LTB039 Improved Grievance Procedure

Grievance Policy

Grievance Policy Booklet – An Update for Managers and Reps


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