CWU WEBSITE: An update on progress


Following the launch of the new CWU website we are now in a position to update you on some statistical feedback as well as outlining further advances in how we plan to communicate with our representatives and members online.

The old site struggled at times and became an unorganised and unattractive platform.

The new website focuses on three key user groups; our members, potential members and visitors (the press and public).

We have seen an excellent upturn in visitors since the launch, with headline figures being eight times as many overall visitors to the website, eight times more visits to the news area of the website and critically twice as many visits to the ‘join us’ area.

These numbers indicate significant progress but there is clearly more work to do and this will continue into the New Year.

We are mindful of the need for urgent improvements online in two key areas;

1. Our offer to CWU representatives (storage of key agreements, advice and support).

2. The need to update our other websites – Education and Training and Young Workers.

We are pleased to announce that work has commenced on a new website for our representatives. This will be launched in February 2018.

Additionally, work is close to being finalised for the launch of the new Young Workers and Education and Training sites. We are hoping that both of these will be ready within the next month.

We thank all branches for their patience during this transitional period.

Any enquiries relating to the content of this LTB should be directed to Marcia Murray

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary

Chris Webb – Head of Communications

17LTB636 communications

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