Message from Deputy Branch Secretary Luke Smith

Dear Colleagues,

The Branch are naturally disappointed with the decision of the High Court to grant an injunction to stop the upcoming strikes on the 19th to the 21st of October.

But our message to all of you is that nothing has changed. The Business are hell bent on attacking our pay, our pensions, our working patterns and driving the service we offer into the ground.

And the members of this Branch, by an overwhelming majority rejected all of this in a fair and free ballot.

All that has happened is that Royal Mail’s senior management have delayed the inevitable strike action that will take place if they continue to refuse to come up with a fair and reasonable deal.

This only goes to prove that Royal Mail were not negotiating in good faith and were seeking only to string things out to fight the union at a time of their choosing.

Let’s make sure when that time comes, all that is happened is they have chosen a different time to get soundly defeated by the strength of 110,000 postal workers united by a common cause.

The ballot is still completely valid and the CWU have applied to the High Court to have the external mediation commence immediately and the length of the validity of the ballot extended to fall in line with the end of any external mediation as well.

The Branch has been asked to attend a National Briefing on the 19th of October for an update on the situation and next steps. As soon as this happens, we will communicate with you by all possible means, which may also include a further a round of gate meetings.

Of course, there is always the possibility that we won’t be able to achieve a fair settlement through sensible negotiations, and if this is the case, and we have to achieve this through adversity, then whatever happens, if we stick together, if we stay strong, and if we remain united we will achieve our aims.

Luke Smith

Deputy Branch Secretary

Eastern no 5


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