Four Pillars Bulletin No20 No Justice- No Peace

BULLETIN #20 Friday 13th October 2017 NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE The massive YES vote in our ballot was a shock to Royal Mail Group and all external opinion formers. It demonstrates a huge vote of no-confidence in the way our business is being run and the way RMG treat their employees. The sheer size of the union’s mandate and solidarity has forced them to run to the High Court to seek an injunction to stop our planned strike and force us into external mediation. This was a cynical misinterpretation of our agreement and a desperate last throw of a redundant management leadership who failed miserably to honour and deliver our agreement in full. Clearly if they desired external mediation it should have been proposed before our ballot but given the laws of our land and the establishment in this country are Anti-Trade Union the ruling was no surprise. However, it was evident that even the Judge was impressed with the ballot result and expressed an opinion that you would only request or force external mediation if you believed it would make a difference. But it will not – unless management significantly change their position and do the right agreement with this union. So there is huge pressure on RMG now, there will be pressure from customers and shareholders to resolve this dispute and there is the massive pressure of knowing that our ballot is still live and intact and that notice will be given for further industrial action if an agreement is not reached. The business have to listen to the voice of CWU members, they have to acknowledge that the culture in the workplace has to change. Our members will not accept a continuation in the way they are being treated and spoken to in the workplace. This dispute and our ballot is about changing the direction and attitude of management, it’s about your job, standard of living and pension security and it’s about protecting this great public service – it is not about strike action for the sake of it. We understand that feelings are running extremely high and that people would have found a two day strike protest therapeutic, but hold on to the anger and determination to change things because industrial action could very much still happen. However, we remain committed to achieving the best agreement for you. We have never been in a stronger position in these negotiations as we are now and if management fail to change their position in the mediation process then further strike action will be called. YOU PICKED THE RIGHT SIDE THIS DISPUTE IS FAR FROM OVER, WE WILL CONTINUE CAMPAIGNING KEEP VOICING YOUR SUPPORT AND WE WILL WIN.


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