Royal Mail Group – Road Safety Communication Campaign July 2017 – Safety First – ‘Driver Distractions’

Royal Mail Group – Road Safety Communication Campaign July 2017 – Safety First – ‘Driver Distractions’:
To: All Branches
Dear Colleagues,
During July, commencing on Monday 24 July, Royal Mail Group will be launching a Road Safety Communications Campaign focusing on ‘Driver Distractions’. The theme is “Fatal Distraction”. 
Campaign Aims and Objectives:
For the Road Safety Communication Campaign July 2017 RMG are highlighting the issue of driver distractions and the actions that should be taken to reduce this risk which can have fatal consequences.

Driving requires the full attention of the driver at all times. 

There are four main types of driver distraction Visual, Auditory, Mental and Physical (VAMP).

Distractions impede a driver’s ability to spot hazards and react in time.

RoSPA, BRAKE and the Police Road Safety Division advise that:-
A driver is distracted when they pay attention to a second activity while driving. People cannot always safely multi-task in this way, especially if the second activity is time consuming or complex.

The second activity puts extra demands on the driver, which may reduce his or her driving standard. It may cause the driver to become less observant or to make worse decisions about how to control the vehicle safely. This lower standard of driving means that a driver is more likely to fail to anticipate hazards, and means accidents can occur due to the distraction.

Distraction can be either driver initiated where the driver starts carrying out a distracting activity or non-driver initiated by the unpredictable actions of something or someone else.

Objects, events, or activities both inside and outside the vehicle can cause distraction. In-vehicle distractions can be caused by technology, or by other sources inside the vehicle such as passengers. External distractions may be when a driver concentrates on unimportant events or objects, or when another person does something unusual.

ASR Involvement and Activities:-
ASR’s will be fully involved and consulted on this joint Road Safety Communications Campaign.
During this Road Safety Communication Campaign ASR’s are asked to focus their Safety Inspections on the initiative and checking on the completion of the planned line manager activities.

By carrying out the following activities during this Road Safety Communication Campaign, ASRs can help to raise awareness and the profile of Road Safety and keep our drivers safe.

Agree with your Operational Managers, which units you will jointly support during this Road Safety Communication, and:
Assist the Front Line Manager in delivering joint WTLL’s and sharing the posters and information.

Carry out a Safety Inspection and include the following:-

Speak to Driver Members:
Use the communication materials to raise awareness and talk to drivers about driver distractions.
Ask Drivers if they have seen the Road Safety Week – Driver Distraction Safety Campaign posters displayed?

Refer to the “VAMP” Driver Distractions:-
Visual – reading, looking at mail items, reading information screens, mobile phones, PDAs, Tablet computers, Sat/Navs, etc. looking at objects and people outside the vehicle unrelated to the driving task;

Auditory – listening to someone on the phone, radio, music, personal headphones and noises outside the vehicle;

Mental – thinking about something else, personal or work issues, appointments, deadlines, conversations with passengers and phone calls;

Physical – typing, smoking, eating and drinking.

NOTE: Using a Mobile Phone or Smoking Whilst Driving a Commercial Vehicle is illegal.
Ask Front Line Managers:
What activities have they completed for the driver distractions communication campaign?

Have they delivered the WTLL and displayed the poster?

Have they completed a Driver/Vehicle SMAT concentrating on driver distractions?

The objective is to raise awareness and encourage, coach and support drivers to adopt safe driving habits.
Observe Vehicles and Drivers:
Discuss with drivers the safe driving campaign, the risk of driver distraction and the importance of keeping their:-
eyes on the road ahead.

hands on the wheel

mind on driving

ASR Safety Inspections:
Ensure that you record your Safety Inspections using the agreed reporting processes.
2 Posters. The first one will be sent out to all offices and the second one will be available to print off on the intranet.

WTLL session.

ASR Activity Plan.

The attached information will all be communicated out on 24 July. The Posters will be sent out on 20 July and the item will be on RMTV on 24 July with Head of RMG Road Safety Mark Bromhall talking about the campaign. There will also be references made to the campaign on Workplace Plasma screens next week.
Royal Mail Group Road Safety Team welcomes CWU/HQ and CWU ASR/WSR support. Thank you for your support.
Yours sincerely
Dave Joyce

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer
Email Attachments – Click to download
Attachment 1 – LTB394/17 Royal Mail Group – Road Safety Communication Campaign July 2017 – Safety First – ‘Driver Distractions’:

Attachment 2 – Fatal Distraction Poster Final

Attachment 3 – Fatal DISTRACTION 2nd Poster Final

Attachment 4 – WTLL – Driver Distractions – July 2017 Final

Attachment 5 – Road Safety Communication July 2017 – ASR activity plan Final


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