Communications Department Update

Communications Department Update
Dear Colleagues,
The purpose of this LTB is to update branches on a number of initiatives which will be progressing in the Communications Department over the coming months.
New Emailing Platform
In August, we will be launching a new emailing system. This will enable us to engage with members and representatives in a far more targeted way than we currently do. The analytics from the new system will also give us the opportunity to see which emails have been read, conduct polls and give us great data on our members, which will ultimately assist us in both industrial and political campaigns. 
This launch will see the ‘Connects’ email replaced with a new regular bulletin to all CWU members. If successful we will be looking to offer branches and regions the opportunity to plug into this system as well as we seek to improve engagement at all levels of the union.
CWU Website
The new CWU website will formally launch in September. A tremendous amount of work has gone into producing a site which will give the union the opportunity to engage with both current and potential members, as a priority.
We have a large number of branches and individuals who have volunteered to assist with testing the new site. We will begin contacting these people in early August. We will be announcing several ‘launch events’ in due course.
Significant progress has been made on the CWU app. This will also be launched in September. We are in the process of finalising the layout of the app and are pleased with the initial results. The app will give us an excellent two-way platform with the members, enabling us to share the latest news and content in addition to the ability to send direct messages on specific subject matters.
Branch Visits 
Once the above structural tools are in place the department will be in a position to take the way we communicate with our members to a new level. We are however very mindful that all of the above together with our progress in other areas such as the new edition of The Voice, improved videoing strategy, social media, press work and the new rep’s publication are meaningless unless we engage effectively with our frontline membership. With this in mind, I am very keen to get out to branches and workplaces in the coming months to listen to your thoughts and ideas. If you are interested in participating in this process please contact Marcia Murray
Kind regards

Chris Webb

Head of Communications, Engagement and Media
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 391/17 – Communications Department Update


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