CWU Left Click Plus: 500 additional e-courses for members

CWU Left Click Plus: 500 additional e-courses for members
Dear Colleague,
Part of the challenge of the CWU Union Learning project has been to ensure that remote workers get as many opportunities to learn as those members in larger workplaces. The continuing development of the CWU Left Click platform is part of that process. Courses such as the ‘No Nonsense Guide to Digital Photography’, the ‘Express Yourself Creative Writing’ course and ‘Getting To Know Your Computer’ have all proved very popular. We hope that our new ‘Discovering Family History’ course, designed by our own CWU reps will be equally as well received.
We are determined to increase the amount of courses available to our members and with this in mind we have joined with leading ed-tech firm e-careers Ltd to provide CWU Left Click Plus. This platform offers over 500 high quality courses, including accredited CISCO networking courses, AAT accountancy courses and PRINCE 2 project management courses to name just a few. All of these courses are available at heavily discounted rates with an additional 10% discount for CWU members.
Paul Dovey has led on our work with e-careers which will give our members access to many certificated courses and learner support where previously they might not otherwise have been able to access it. Please note that Left Click Plus is the only place where course fees apply. While the courses on Left Click Plus are a useful addition to our offer, it is important to remind members that free courses remain available across the rest of the site.
An introductory email will be being sent to all CWU members for whom we have email addresses, notifying them of the new courses being made available. We also have posters (attached for circulating via noticeboards and traditional communication networks). Other posters promoting Left Click are available. Please contact the Education & Training Department for more.
This arrangement greatly increases the number of courses available to CWU members and allows us to focus our resources on activist training and the other free and bespoke content that will continue to be available at
Any enquiries regarding this LtB and for further support to raise awareness about this initiative should be addressed to Paul Dovey at the Education & Training Department (
Yours sincerely,

Trish Lavelle

Head of Education & Training
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 368/17 – CWU Left Click Plus: 500 additional e-courses for members

Left Click Plus poster

Left Click poster

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