The Labour Party published its manifesto for the general election this morning. As you may have seen this contains a number of important policies on key issues that the CWU has campaigned for, including pledges to:
Re-nationalise Royal Mail

Commit significant public investment to rolling out superfast and ultrafast broadband

Set up a Post Bank and halt the Crown office closure programme

Bring in a comprehensive package of enhanced trade union and employment rights, including the abolition of the agency workers loophole

Maintain the ‘triple lock’ for the state pension

Alongside these commitments, the manifesto sets out plans for an additional £6bn of funding per year for the NHS; a bold housebuilding programme with 100,000 new council and housing association homes a year; renationalising the railways and other important public services to bring them back under public control; and the provision of free school meals to all primary school children. The full manifesto is available at
The programme that the manifesto sets out represents a radical agenda for government which reflects many of our policies and campaigns. With commitments on public ownership, collective bargaining, tackling inequality and public investment to rebalance the economy, this election represents a once in a generation opportunity to shift the balance of forces in the UK.
Emergency Motion E8 which was unanimously passed at CWU Conference committed the union to campaigning for Labour and it is crucial that Branches now support this.
No-one will be under any illusions that overturning the Conservative majority will be easy, but the changes we want to see in this country will only be delivered if the labour movement as a whole gets behind the campaign and engages its members in this.
We are therefore asking all Branches to contact their local Constituency Labour Party for details of campaigning sessions and speak to their CWU Regional Secretary about events in their area.
In the coming weeks we will be putting out key messages from the union through our social media channels and the Voice which we would ask branches to share with members. It is important that they understand what is at stake and what the union’s political work has helped to deliver in the agenda Labour has put forward.
Finally, the deadline for registering to vote is 22nd May. We would ask branches to make sure all CWU members, particularly those who are young or have moved recently, have registered using the following link:
Any queries on the contents of this LTB should be directed to
Yours sincerely
Tony Kearns
Acting General Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download


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