New CWU Website – Update

New CWU Website – Update
Dear colleagues, 
Many representatives would have visited the Communications Department stall at Annual Conference this week. We have been talking branches through some of the initial plans for the new CWU website. 
We have taken the decision to start from scratch. Attached are some screenshots that will give you a visual of the look and feel of the new site. You will see we have gone for a far cleaner image. These pages are merely impressions at the moment and many use stock photos which we will change in the coming weeks. Also attached is some commentary and rational behind the focus for each new section. 
In addition, we have dramatically improved the search engine within the site with a google type approach which will start to give answers as you type. We have also included a separate LTB search engine in the member’s section for a more robust service in this area, which I know will please many. 
The link below will take you to a demo page for the new homepage. This is for desktops only. The mobile version is in development. If you click the link on your PC, tablet or laptop, please set the zoom appropriately to get the full effect of what we are trying to achieve. You will note we have chosen a video to play in the background. We feel this freshens up the homepage and gives a dynamic feel. We will clearly have a more refined video for the launch. This will also be useful for when we are running key campaigns because we can shoot short videos and constantly change the look of the homepage.
The next step for the project is to commence the build. During this period we will be testing the site at various points with the support of individuals and branches who have volunteered to assist us. 
Finally, barring any major issues we are aiming for a June / July formal launch for the new website. Once it is up and running we will again take further feedback from CWU HQ Departments, branches and members to ensure that, together we we produce the best possible shop window for union. 
I can assure all branches as I finish this LTB, there is not a single bin in sight. 
Kind regards
Chris Webb
Head of Communications, Engagement and Media
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 236/17 – New CWU Website

Attachment 1


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