Social Media at Conference 

Social Media at Conference 
The Communications department will be using a number of social media and video platforms at Conference this year. 
The hashtag to use with all posts, across all platforms will be #CWU17 – please use this when posting, particularly on twitter as we’ll be sharing the best of your messages on the big screen in the main General Conference hall. 
You can follow the national unions activities via;
Twitter – @CWUNews @DaveWardGS @TKearnsy 
Facebook – The Communications Union
SnapChat – @CWUNews @DaveWardGS
Instagram – @CWUNews
We will be bringing our in-house video equipment to Conference this year. Daily round-ups will be filmed by the communications department, covering the highlights of the day, comments from senior officials and views from some of our newer delegates. Don’t be shy in approaching the team if you have an idea to share.
As with last year General Conference and our evening event on 25th April will both be streamed live on – we would encourage Branches to share this information with members to improve engagement between our Conference and frontline members. 
We now have over 2,000 attendees confirmed for our big event at Conference. Details of formalities and arrangements for branches will be shared by the General Secretaries Department nearer the time. We would ask that you continue to assist us with the promotion of the event (particularly those branches on and around the South Coast) using the link below. Remember – branches do not need to book tickets. This link is merely for the public.
Kind regards,
Chris Webb
Head of Communications, Engagement and Media
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 199/17 – Social Media at Conference


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