Dear Colleagues


Branches and representatives will be aware that in July 2016, LTB 438/16 was communicated to provide notification that the interim electronic licence check process for all staff required to drive as part of their duties, utilised following the cessation of the paper driving licence counterpart in 2015, had been confirmed by the business as being adopted on a permanent basis.


You will also recall that Headquarters had previously made representation to the business in relation to the possibility that managers who had access to the required information, could potentially obtain a code and undertake a licence check without the drivers consent or knowledge. In order to address this issue the business committed to re-issue guidance to managers in relation to performing the licence check with the driver’s permission, when each of the six monthly checks is instigated.


Since the adoption of the process however further issues have been brought to the attention of Headquarters which would suggest that there may have been instances where the correct process has not been adhered to by some managers undertaking the licence checks. Representation has therefore once again been made to the business at National level to remedy this situation, which has resulted in the business committing to add the following wording to the Process document and Inspection Record:


➢ Process – Where drivers do not have access to a computer, they can use a computer in the office where they can also receive assistance from a manager or WPC. The driver must be present for consent when the information is obtained and it is a data protection offence to ‘Get a code’ by a manager or WPC without the driver present. 


➢ Inspection Record – Manager Declaration: I have checked the above driver’s licence against the DVLA printout and all details are correct. I have checked that the address on the licence corresponds to unit records. ‘The driver must be present for consent when the information is obtained and it is a data protection offence to ‘Get a code’ by a manager or WPC without the driver present’. (Sign below).


Attached for your information are copies of the revised documentation that will be issued to managers in relation to the electronic process for the April 2017 licence checks.


We are hopeful that the strengthening of the wording contained in the attached documents will remove any ambiguity for both managers and drivers around the process that is to be used, as well as providing members with additional safeguards in relation to Data Protection.


We will however continue to monitor the situation and would request that if any instances of deviation from the process are experienced in relation to licence checks that they are brought to the attention of the relevant department immediately.


The revised electronic licence check arrangements also apply to driving licence checks for Parcelforce Worldwide drivers.


Branches should note however that these arrangements do not apply to Northern Ireland, where the process is that the counterpart and card continue to be checked, as these are still used for driver licencing.


Branches and representatives are requested to ensure that our members are made aware of this LTB and its annexes.


Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to:


For Deliveries:

Mark Baulch, Assistant Secretary (Elect), e-mail outdoorsecretary@cwu.org quoting reference: 300.02




For Network, Area Distribution, RMSS &Parcelforce:

Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, e-mail: dwyatt@cwu.org or shayman@cwu.org quoting reference number: 202.09.


Yours sincerely



Davie Robertson​​​​​​Mark Baulch

Assistant Secretary​​​​​​Assistant Secretary (Elect)

Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB176/17 – Driving Licence Checks (Excluding Northern Ireland)

Attachment 2 – Driving Licence Inspection Record

Attachment 1 – Driving Licence Check Process


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