Welcome to Royal Mail Sessions 

Welcome to Royal Mail Sessions 

It has been reported to CWU Headquarters by a number of Branches and Field Officials that Royal Mail were planning to change the existing arrangements to the delivery and notification of the WTRM Sessions.


Following these reports, representation was made to the business to clarify this issue. The current position is a follows:


A re-organisation of the HR Team will go live this weekend and as a consequence there will be some changes to the existing team who have responsibility for the notification of the WTRM Sessions.


Previously Robertino Mann (East), Lucy Pletts (West) and Alice Johnston (North) would have made contact with the CWU on a weekly basis to advise of WTRM’s happening in their respective patches.


From w/c 3rd April 2017 these responsibilities will change to following people listed below:


BFHR Region




South Yorkshire, East Midlands & Anglia

Hajira Dadabhoy


Home Counties North & Thames Valley

Michelle Robinson


Scotland & Northern Ireland

Fiona Whalley


North of England

Amy Grisdale



Taiwo Adelekan



Mina Peshwaria


South East & Guildford

Lucy Pletts


West Midlands & North Wales

Sandra Moulton


South Wales & Gloucester

Sarah Francomb


South West & South Coast

Emily Davis


Royal Mail has assured us that they will continue to ensure that the CWU is notified in advance of the WTRM Sessions. At the time of writing this LTB we are in the process of determining which Branches fit into the above allocated areas in order to supply email addresses to the business to enable a smooth transition period for the notification of the WTRM Sessions.


If Branches are experiencing any problems with the notification of these sessions they are advised to contact Lynn Browne, Senior Organiser on lbrowne@cwu.org


Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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