Royal Mail and Manpower Recruitment Trial

Royal Mail and Manpower Recruitment Trial 

Branches and Representatives are advised that the union has been approached by the business regarding a proposed trial of a new recruitment process in partnership with the Manpower Employment Agency, primarily for the delivery function.
Listed below are the proposed locations and a summary of the trial, inclusive of the terms and conditions that will apply.
A trial in three geographies:
 East – Redhill, Derby, Ipswich, North West London
 West- South Coast East – Warrington, Wolverhampton
 North – North West Scotland, Sheffield North, Darlington, Durham
New recruits will be sourced from the Manpower Employment Agency instead of being directly recruited by Royal Mail.
These new recruits will be paid by the agency for the first 8-12 weeks, at a rate believed to be minimum wage, although when directly asked the actual pay rate the response was not clear.
There will be a review of the individual by the DOM in the Delivery Office at the 8 week stage from commencement of employment to establish whether “either party” wishes to continue employment.
The potential for full Royal Mail pay terms and conditions at the 12 week stage, along with a substantive contract of employment.
The CWU view this trial as wholly unacceptable and believe that not only is it in direct conflict with our agreements but is an affront to decent employment terms and conditions for working people.

In essence we believe that this trial is an attempt by the company to cover up its completely inadequate recruitment processes currently in place, rather than ensure that they are fit for purpose. It is also our considered opinion that this is a direct attempt to save money and circumnavigate the principles of recruiting new entrants to the business in line with our agreements.
It should also be noted that this proposed trial is and remains un-agreed with the CWU and that any attempt by the business to apply this un-agreed method of recruitment should be challenged by local Representatives, with immediate action sought to maintain the status quo in line with the terms of the national IR Framework Agreement and brought to the urgent attention of the appropriate National Officer
It is therefore essential that this LTB is discussed with local Representatives (especially in the trial sites named above) and they are advised to go to immediate disagreement insisting that the vacancies are recruited directly on Royal Mail contracts and RM terms and conditions. Equally they should demand that the status quo (in respect of not using this new Manpower approach) is maintained until the disagreement has been dealt with.
Any attempt by the business to ignore the terms of the IR Framework will be deemed as executive action and the appropriate action taken by all means necessary to defend our National Agreements.
The CWU believe that this un-agreed initiative is in conflict with our legally binding agreements and we will be considering our next steps in regards to the legal status of the trial should the business deploy via executive action.
Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to the DGS(P) Department quoting reference 24000.

Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger
  Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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