BT Supply Chain – Apprentices Opportunities announced

BT Supply Chain – Apprentices Opportunities announced
BT Supply Chain have announced that they are looking to continue to deliver on their growth plans and following their successful recruitment of 12 apprentices last year that they intend to recruit 25 apprentices this year. BT Supply Chains is a Directorate within the BT Wholesale and Ventures Line Of Business.
The 25 apprentice vacancies are in the following locations:
Ten roles in distribution (Cardiff, Motherwell, three x Magna Park Lutterworth, two x Bracknell, Chelmsford, Warrington, Belfast) Three roles in engineering services (Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield) Six roles in our warehouses (three x Magna Park, three x Northallerton) One stock management apprentice (Magna Park) Five roles in staging and configuration (Staines)
The initial notice has been circulated amongst staff working within Supply Chain and is being advertised for ‘someone who is keen to earn and learn and gain a recognised professional qualification at the same time’. They are directing enquiries about the apprenticeship programme and how to apply via the BT Apprenticeships career page.
They are now open for applications and assessment centres will start from April onwards. The start date for all their apprentices this year will be the 2 October 2017.
Yours sincerely,
Brendan O’Brien
Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 080/17 – BT Supply Chain – Apprentices Opportunities announced


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