BT Consumer: Operating Model – Enniskillen

BT Consumer: Operating Model – Enniskillen
BT Consumer has advised the CWU that it is changing the operating model in Enniskillen as part of the plan to ensure that 90% of calls are answered in the UK.
The plan is to end duplication of work that is done elsewhere in BT Consumer and reallocate email and white mail traffic to other UK sites.
This change in approach will affect 43 full time equivalent advisors in Enniskillen currently working on white mail and email. Help work will be moved onto the site to facilitate redeployment and in the first instance Advisors working on email and white mail will be given the opportunity to volunteer to move to Help.
There will be no changes to the My Donate, Social Media or Executive Level Complaint teams on site.
The CWU has a number of concerns with these changes.
Moving the Work
The CWU has argued that the work should remain on site and that reducing the amount of off-line work could cause problems for those with disability or medical issues that prevent on-line working.
BT has responded that it is cutting out the double handling of cases to improve customer service and is redeploying staff in line with existing agreements. BT has reconfirmed that it remains committed to achieving 80% of direct labour jobs in Sales and 90% in Service; and will deal with any disability or medical cases in line with Company processes.
BT has confirmed that the grading for the role will be B1CC. Where necessary Pay & Pension Protection will be applied.
In line with the national agreement those on Pay & Pension Protection will be paid at the rate for the substantive grade for the role; in this case B1CC.
The Union has expressed concerns about the arrangements for training and the need for a quality approach. 
BT has accepted that the training required for advisors will vary by individual. BT will ensure that training requirements are created on a bespoke basis, and following the training there will be a period of grad bay working in the same way as other new staff.
ECOH or Flexible Working Requests that are in place will continue as normal during the training. 
As training is normally delivered on a full time basis the CWU has requested that if attendances need to be altered then Advisors should be given at least 5 weeks notice of the training course. This is to ensure that advisors, and particularly those working part time hours, have a reasonable period in which to make arrangements.
BT has said it will give as much notice as possible but has not confirmed any minimum notice period. We will continue to discuss this issue with BT. 
Attendance Patterns
The Universal attendance patterns will continue to apply as will existing ECOH and Flexible Working Regulation requests.
At the moment the current opening hours will continue to apply but this will probably change in the next 12 months. We have flagged up concerns that changes to opening hours may cause issues with caring and transport which will need to be addressed.
We will continue to discuss attendances with BT.
Selection Process
If there are not enough volunteers to move to Help, Consumer will run a selection process in line with Group procedures. We will discuss the selection arrangements with BT further if it proves necessary.
Next Steps
There are a number of issues that remain unresolved with BT and the CWU National Team will be doing all it can to secure the best possible outcome for members. Branches will be kept informed of developments.
A copy of BT documentation is attached.
Yours sincerely
Nigel Cotgrove
Assistant Secretary
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 062/17 – BT Consumer: Operating Model – Enniskillen


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