Education & Training Data on the Online Services

Education & Training Data on the Online Services
In order to better coordinate education, training and lifelong learning information, a new layer has been created on the Online Services database. This enables the Education & Training Department to add course information from activist training records and CWU Left Click. It also enables branch ULRs to add lifelong learning activity from learning centres and other sign-posted courses.
We are running a series of workshops to introduce ULRs to the database. These will be held on the following dates:
22nd February 2017: 150 The Broadway, Wimbledon

28th February 2017: Moss Building, Mill St, Newport

2nd March 2017: Mowbray House, Mowbray St, Stockport

14th March 2017: 46-48 Summer Lane, Birmingham
All workshops will start at 11.00hrs and conclude no later than 15.00hrs.
We would be grateful if Branch Secretaries could nominate as soon as possible the individual(s) who they would like to access the database and the workshop they wish them to attend.
These details should be sent to

Please direct any queries regarding this LTB to Paul Dovey in the Education & Training Department at in the first instance.
Many thanks for your assistance with this initiative.
Yours sincerely,

Trish Lavelle

Head of Education & Training
Email Attachments – Click to download
LTB 037/17 – Education & Training Data on the Online Services


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